Live the Good Life With a View From Penthouse Apartment on Tel Aviv's Rothschild Boulevard

Tel Aviv may not be the oldest metropolis on the Mediterranean, but in the hundred years since its founding the White City has developed into one of the most vibrant. (Take it from this writer, who spent two years living there.) And as the hub of a burgeoning high-tech industry, not to mention a vital center for the world's diplomatic corps in the Middle East, the city that sprung out of the sand dunes north of the old city of Jaffa has become a must-visit destination for travelers from the world over and the choice location for Israel's emerging upper class.

Few locations in the city are as beautiful or desirable as Rothschild Boulevard. One of the first streets built in the city, the boulevard's Bauhaus buildings are one of the main reasons why UNESCO designated Tel Aviv a World Heritage Site. It's the center of the country's financial district and integral to its cultural prominence, with Independence Hall at one end and HaBima theater at the other. And now it has another landmark.

Noah Joseph

Noah Joseph is a veteran automotive journalist and lifestyle writer whose words have been published in print and online media around the world. A military reservist and multinational citizen, Noah lives with his wife and son in the mountains above the Mediterranean Basin. ...(Read More)

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