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Wellness Residential Responds To The Need For Quality Sleep

Apr. 8th, 2019

For UHNWIs, "ultra high net worth individuals," there's a rather traditional trend on the rise - quality sleep. This quest for optimal beauty rest demands living spaces that can support it. And Troon Pacific in San Francisco has mastered the art of sweet dreams. 

Jacob Elliot

Think light-calming window shades, outdoor meditation areas and extensive EMF (electromagnetic field) mitigation. Accompanied by the luxuries high-end residents know and love, such as infinity pools, expansive wine cellars and private gardens, these homes blend new-age technology with old-school pleasures.  

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All bedrooms are equipped with shielded cables that mitigate EMF (Electromagnetic Field) signals, which can impede the production of melatonin and affect the body’s circadian rhythm.

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To carry the calming music, guided meditation or white noise throughout the halls of the home, speakers were installed in master bedrooms, bathrooms and showers.

Jacob Elliot

Automated Lutron shades transform harsh light into soft, calming light (or block light entirely).

David Livingston

The Merv 13 system filters air throughout the home with 9-12 air changes per day with heat exchanger to maintain consistent air temperature throughout the night.

David Livingston

Additional factors considered during the design phase were comfort, noise and mindfulness. 

Jacob Elliot

Mindfulness & Relaxation

o   Outdoor yoga deck and meditation area to calm the mind before bed

o   Spa with sauna, steam shower 

o   Oversized, free-standing tub by Blu Bathworks for soaking tense muscles 

o   Large south-facing terrace overlooking private garden with city and bay views allows residents to connect with their surroundings, meditate and reflect before going to bed 

o   Private terrace with bay views

o   Wellness center including a steam room with Dornbracht Kneipp Water Tube and custom stone benches, as well as a sauna with Canadian hemlock wood and a cobble heater 

o   Distributed speakers in master bedroom, bathroom and shower allow residents to listen to calming music, guided meditation or white noise

o   Freestanding tub with two-sided see-thru fireplace to master bedroom

David Livingston

Comfort & Convenience

o   Troon homes are typically prewired for Automated Lutron shades in home, including bedroom windows in order to transform harsh light into soft, calming light. These can also block light entirely for restful, uninterrupted sleep at any time

o   Whole house Savant control system allows residents to control audio, visual, heat and security from bed via smart phones or tablets

o   Air conditioning for comfort and humidity control

o   MERV 16 air filtration on bedroom level

o   Merv 13 filtered air throughout the home with 9-12 air changes per day with heat exchanger to maintain consistent air temperature throughout the night

David Livingston

Noise Reduction

o   Clay-wrapped plumbing

o   Rubber, felt or foam acoustic isolators on all water and drain lines at wood framing to reduce vibration/sound

o   Insulated interior walls (uncommon) 

o   Thick, concrete or Gyp-Crete floor assemblies

o   Constant, low-speed air ventilation minimizes noise and feeling of air movement

o   Silent radiant heating rather than forced air heating

o   LED drivers, which do not produce a humming sound

o   Use of Quiet-rock at select locations such as plumbing walls, mechanical rooms and ceilings below roof drains to reduce sounds from rain or plumbing

Jacob Elliot

Electrical Interference

o   Shielded cables in all bedrooms for EMF (Electromagnetic Field) mitigation

o   Wi-Fi kill switch shuts off the signal at the touch of a button

o   Metal sheeting underneath flooring to block EMF signals near electric panels

Troon Pacific is a real estate development and investment management company based in San Francisco. Focusing on design, innovation, and environmental sustainability, we construct distinctive, high-performance Bay Area homes with luxury aesthetics and cutting-edge functionality.

Jacob Elliot
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Paul Dyer

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