Susanna Cots’ Autumn In The North Smartly Utilizes Cabinets As Walls

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Barcelona-based interior designer Susanna Cots’ latest residential project in Navarra, Spain, “plays with distribution as a connection strategy.” The result is a home with only three doors and no high walls called Autumn in the North.

The house hosts three bedrooms, a living room, an office, and an open kitchen with a dining area.

The kitchen serves as the “nerve center of the distribution,” that which distributes the rest of the rooms in symmetrical degrees. To its left an open spaces that make up on one side a laundry room and the children’s room, and on the right side the home office.

The Autumn in the North home only has one semi-permanent door. It is in the children’s room and placed there so that it evolves with their age and their need for privacy.

A large wooden panel at the top of the stairs slides to close off the main suite. On the one hand, it also gives privacy to the adjoining bathroom.

Aside from the kitchen, a semi-open staircase also marks the center of the house. It is not closed off by walls and is defined by dividers. A massive skylight in the kitchen attracts morning and midday light while a black central island pops out against a backdrop of white cabinets and wood floors.

Meanwhile, black-rimmed window frames also give a beautiful contrast against the white and wood color theme. There are no walls in the Autumn in the North home.

Instead, built-in white cabinets with double functionality on both sides serve as partitions that differentiate each space. This design results in great interior circulation since all the spaces are accessible from other sides of the cabinets.   


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