Rome's Ancient Past and Future: A Stay in the Eternal City and the Palazzo Montemartini

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Rome is, without question, one of the world’s most breathtaking cities.  A stroll in any direction will lead to arresting monuments, iconic statues, and endless possibilities for a tet-a-tet with la dolce vita. The funny thing is that Rome is actually better enjoyed on the second visit. After the awe of seeing the main tourist attractions, the second visit allows for more contemplation and savoring of the sights. The ability to appreciate in more detail vs. a mad rush to check off the boxes of seeing this and that.  The second holiday in Rome allows one to relish this city that has such deep roots of history from the annals of human history to the present. All of these seamlessly blend with the ultra-modern and futuristic and pushing the edge in style, fashion, and the culinary treasures.  The Palazzo Montemartini is an uber contemporary hotel that pays homage to the rich history that is Rome while forging ahead to the future with its design as well as accommodations, dining experience, and amenities.

The Palazzo Montemartini is in the place of two former 1800 century palaces which were then repurposed into the city’s public transportation offices.  The hotel seamlessly fuses the old with the new with marble, stucco works, ceiling frescos and turn of the century facades with ultra-modern design elements and sleek décor.

Throughout the hotel is a celebration of the Roman tradition of style and flair with traditional and ultramodern designed common areas, accommodations, as well as the stunning spa and restaurants.  Out on the hotel's terrace and lawns, patrons in bespoke suits and haute design dresses take coffee underneath parasols.

The great thing about Rome is there’s so much to see and do in a 30-minute walking radius from the city center. In fact, you must look no further than just beyond the hotel’s door in your search for antiquities. The ancient Servian Walls were constructed around the city in 271 AD and are integrated into the hotel grounds and throughout the structure. Next door is the Baths of Diocletian and just steps away are the cathedrals of Santa Maria degli Angeli, designed by Michelangelo. Nearby you’ll find the Piazza della Repubblica, the Spanish Steps and the most romantic spot in Rome the Trevi Fountain and the famous scene from La Dolce Vita. Needless to say, every visit to Rome mandates a trip to the Coliseum and Pantheon which are also just a 20-minute walk away. Nearby are countless museums, theatres, galleries, and fancy clothes and jewelry shops as well. The city, region and beyond are made even closer by the city’s main train terminal which again is just across the street.  

The hotel’s 22 suites and 60 rooms possess a flair for the style yet are clean and modern in décor. The unique modern art that greets guest sets the tone for the stay. Often a bit provocative but always thought provoking and just as a guest will find their accommodations. The elevated ceilings and floor to ceiling windows allow for an abundance of natural light to flood the room as well as providing ample views to the cityscape beyond. 

The décor is minimalist chic so don’t expect a lot of clutter and stuff. There are all the mod cons one would expect of a five-star hotel and an edgy custom-made bed with a built-in desk that has a familiar nautical feel to it. There’s no wonder as the hotels designer is most renowned for their superyacht interior design. The bathrooms feature a large stone bath or rainforest shower. 

Italy and Rome are known for their culinary experience. In this regard, the Palazzo Montemartini does not disappoint offering a delicious menu of traditional Italian and international dishes. The mouthwatering begins with the restaurant itself, located in the former train station ticket hall which has been reimagined into an ultramodern fine dining haunt for both locals and hotel guests. The room tastefully blends ancient Roman inspiration with 30-foot ceiling baroque style colonnades, arched windows and a striking futuristic ceiling waterfall feature separating the space. The hotel’s lounge bar shares the space where Rome’s in-crowd sip signature cocktails or clink glasses of prosecco.

The restaurant setting is uber romantic with candles lit over clothed tables with a side of capable and professional service. Each dish is created by talented chefs who source the ingredients from local producers where possible. Expect upscale meal of pasta, meats and fish each with served with intricate and beautiful plating which could second as a piece of art.  


The hotel is adjacent to the ancient thermal Baths of Diocletian which were a respite for the wellbeing of Rome’s aristocracy. It is no wonder that the Palazzo Montemartini should also cater to the wellness needs of their well-heeled clientele. Unlike the baths of old, the Cachera Spa is full of the latest equipment and features of a destination spa. Hotel guests luxuriate in the hydroponic indoor pool, a Jacuzzi with bubble beds, chromotherapy therapy showers, heated pools, relaxation areas, a Turkish bath and a sauna, cervical waterfalls, and a salt room.  It’s really a state of the art spa in addition to the amenities and feature provided for guests, has a full range of international spa treatments from their capable therapists.   



All Roads lead to Rome; and for good reason. On your next trip to Rome, you may want to let your road lead to Palazzo Montemartini, a great choice for urban explorers, art and cuisine lovers in search of the quintessential Roman holiday.

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