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The World’s Best Concierge Companies for the Wealthy

Jan. 12th, 2024

A luxury concierge service epitomizes unparalleled convenience for the discerning clientele. By acting as a dedicated personal assistant, these services go beyond traditional offerings to orchestrate a seamless and opulent lifestyle. The convenience extends across various facets of daily life, allowing individuals to reclaim precious time and indulge in their passions.

Travel arrangements become effortless, with concierge experts managing private jet bookings, securing reservations at the most exclusive accommodations, and handling intricate travel logistics. Whether it's a last-minute dinner reservation at a Michelin-starred restaurant or access to sold-out events, the concierge ensures privileged experiences with minimal effort from the client.

The convenience extends into personal affairs, from expertly curated shopping experiences to the management of household tasks. Time-consuming responsibilities like bill payments, property maintenance, and household staff coordination are seamlessly handled, granting clients the freedom to focus on what truly matters to them.

In essence, a luxury concierge service transforms the concept of convenience into a bespoke, time-saving experience. It not only meets but anticipates the unique needs and desires of the wealthy, providing a level of service that transcends ordinary expectations and enhances the quality of their lifestyle.

When the world is your oyster and you have the funds to push the boundaries of a five-star experience, these concierge companies will unlock a world of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities with world-class service, of course.

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Pure Entertainment Group
Offering an Exclusive Membership Program and On-Demand option, the luxury concierge company headquartered in Montreal, Canada caters to high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, businesses, and brands worldwide. From VIP reservations to bespoke travel packages to planning major events and more, they have been providing their VIP clients highly tailored-made luxury concierge service for over 16 years. The company's principles are based on privacy and discretion and they work to ensure that their clients’ needs are met and that their delivery exceeds their expectations. As a proud affiliate of Admiral Travel International, their goal is to give peace of mind to their clients tailoring their services based on interests, passions, requirements and budget. They have four levels of private memberships with prices available upon request.

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Nota Bene
Ensuring that every last detail is planned for their clients, Nota Bene is a private client annual fee-paying management service exclusively for the wealthy. As one of the world’s most exclusive private travel management services, their ratio of one Director of Private Client Services to a maximum of eight clients, ensures your travel itinerary matches your every preference and taste. Accepting only a limited number of private clients each year, upscale travelers can revel in the fact that whether their trip is at a hotel, villa or chalet on a private yacht or an exclusive experience, your travel experiences will be effortless. The full travel and lifestyle management service leaves no stone unturned and builds upon founder Anthony Lassman’s success as an authoritative tastemaker. Nota Bene fees start at $40,000 per annum.

Sienna Charles

Sienna Charles
Since 2008, Sienna Charles has been designing personalized ultra-luxury travel and lifestyle experiences exclusively for its ultra-high-net-worth members and their families, including A-list celebrities, Fortune 500 executives, and even former President George W. Bush. At the heart of its service is a membership program offering round-the-clock support with a 5-minute response time. Sienna Charles' success lies in CEO Jaclyn Sienna India’s rigorous vetting process, coupled with her elevated taste and desire to provide the best 'service with soul' for her clients. From orchestrating exclusive access to iconic landmarks like the Hagia Sophia or the Taj Mahal, to organizing a private dinner at the Louvre, Sienna Charles prides itself on turning dreams into reality. No request is too grand, and no detail is too small to ensure a seamless experience.

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Elite Lifestyle Management
Michelle St. Clair founded Elite Lifestyle Management in October 2014 with the goal to create fully immersive lifestyle experiences for discerning clientele. Serving clients across the globe with members ranging from famous sports players to world-renown tech founders and executives to Sheiks in the UAE, Michelle is based in San Diego but has an international team of 12 Lifestyle Managers. The boutique service is highly selective, they only accept 10% each year, so that each ELM Concierge can get to know the needs and wants of the members in great detail. Offering private, corporate, residential and fully customized memberships, no request whether personal or professional is too big or small for Michelle and team.

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Knightsbridge Circle
Stuart McNeill started Knightsbridge Circle in 2012 and the luxury concierge service has remained independent and privately-owned ever since. Priding themselves on a five-to-one ratio of members to each personal manager, the highest of any concierge company globally, they have offices in London, Amsterdam, New York, Miami, Boston, and in Dubai. Their staff of over 30 strives to go beyond the needs and requests of each of their members ensuring a smooth and exciting journey.  Its been said that top clients pay an annual membership of up to $50,000/year and they have a renewal rate in the 90s with the average net worth of a client around $800M, Knightsbridge Circle’s carefully selected members still only number less than sixty.


Le Rambouillet Concierge
Along with being one of Los Angeles’ most trusted concierge service providers, they are a frontrunner in providing luxury lifestyle services across the globe. From private travel services, to personal/corporate concierge services to premium event access. lifestyle managers and more, their dedicated concierge team works with corporations, celebrities and localities all over the world. With offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta and London, they partner with premier companies to provide a tailor-made experience that is intimately personal. They offer VIP, Lifestyle and their most opulent Executive membership for those who want to explore and experience without limits. 

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Offering personalized service to discerning individuals, brands and corporations, Quintessentially has more than 35 offices around the globe. Their network of lifestyle managers are available 365 days a year and provide clients with unprecedented access, expert advice and exclusive privileges. Built upon three key business pillars – core lifestyle management services, in-house services, and corporate services – their specialists elevate every aspect of both individuals’ lives and brands’ needs from travel, education, estates and experiences. For over 20 years, they have offered individual and business clients unparalleled access to their every whim and have grown to the largest luxury global concierge group. With 51 languages spoken and 59 nationalities representing their global network, they have an extensive global reach for every request big or small. Top clients are rumored to pay up to $150,000 a year.

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The Fixer Lifestyle Group
With over 14 years of expertise in managing lifestyle management and experiential luxury travel for HNWIs and UHNWIs, The Fixer Lifestyle Group is headquartered in London but has a global reach, with offices in Spain, Dubai and New York. They manage the personal and business lifestyles providing bespoke travel and lifestyle experiences together with concierge services. From assisting with staffing, reservations, access to VIP events and unique travel opportunities, they carefully pick suppliers to ensure that their experiences are authentic, sustainable and create magical and genuine experiences. Whether it is booking travel, helping clients with their health and well-being, access to fine art services, a network of educational consultants and more, the staff speaks eight languages and has a network spanning 23 countries.


John Paul Group 
Using the know-how of over 400 concierges and 150 marketing, digital, editorial and event experts around the world, John Paul Group has five hubs in Europe and North America. Founded in 2008 and now a fully owned subsidiary of Accor, they are an exclusive provider of luxury and premium loyalty solutions around the world. Through concierge programs, relationship marketing/events and digital services, they make their members' daily lives easier by doing for them everything they want, from everyday requests to the most unusual. As a subsidiary of the Accor group, members gain the benefit of price advantages on hotel reservations and lean on their concierge team to build a tailor-made unforgettable experience.


One Concierge
From corporate itinerary planning or yacht charters to personalized travel needs, One Concierge has grown to serve clients in over 115 locales around the world. Created in 2008 to cater to any request around the world for selective clientele, their staff is composed of industry professionals and hospitality experts who aim to provide the ultimate in convenience, service and value. Offering personal or corporate concierge membership programs, clients will enjoy the benefits of an in-house concierge or personal assistant catering to every whim that you please. With an industry network of over 10,000 service providers worldwide, their programs are a great way to experience unsurpassed luxury from pirate travel management, VIP event access, private celebrity performances and more.


Velocity Black
Harnessing the power of machine intelligence, Velocity Black is a luxury concierge service for the digital age. Founded in 2014, the company is one of the fastest growing companies in the world and has aided members in over 60 countries. Combining their roster of experts along with artificial intelligence, they are able to provide a lifestyle assistant that lives on your phone. Acquired by Capital One in 2023, they are poised to grow their offerings of travel, entertainment, shopping and dining offerings to consumers globally. Members enjoy access to a 24/7 chat service with a guaranteed response time of one minute. Whether you desire a reservation at the most exclusive restaurant in Paris or wish to secure a spot on the guest list for a private yacht party in Monaco, they've got you covered. Membership fees from $3,100 annually.


Transforming the tradition of a country club into a digital platform, the social network allows members to connect with like-minded members, plans hundreds of events as well as provide exclusive benefits such as status upgrades, discounts and VIP services in hotels. ASMALLWORLD offers its services to travelers around the world through its Prestige membership which is priced at just over $6,000.Members automatically receive 250,000 award miles and travel-related status benefits and will be able to skip the line and get into the club of your choice in VIP fashion, as they are a member of The World's Finest Clubs. 

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Bon Vivant Travel 
Specializing in personalized luxury travel planning across all continents, Bon Vivant Travel creates tailored holidays, business trips and more with a range of exclusive benefits. They have a partnership with Virtuoso along with other VIP partnerships which allows Emyr and team to upgrade your travel with a host of extra benefits at no additional cost to you. Providing exclusive privileges and VIP amenities at over 2,500 luxury hotels, the London-based luxury travel company caters to the specific needs and desires of the luxury traveler. On top of crafting curated itineraries, clients can reach founder Emyr Thomas day or night for truly personalized service. Best of all, there is no membership or subscription offering the elite access to book through them.

Whether you are looking for help with personal travel or VIP or corporate concierge services, these companies will expertly guide you through the process with the utmost care and service. For those for whom money isn't an option and are looking to save time, gain exclusive access, or outsource repetitive tasks a luxury concierge service (whether as a one-off or membership) is the ultimate way to go.

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Exclusive Resorts
Founded in 2002 for discerning travelers who put a premium on privacy and peace of mind, Exclusive Resorts is a Members-only vacation club headquartered in Denver, CO. Welcoming a limited number of new families a year, Members have access to the Club’s 350+ residences in 75 of the world’s most coveted destinations, from 5-star resorts to residential enclaves. Each Member has a dedicated Ambassador who guides you through the booking process while the concierge takes care of all the details on the ground. Along with helping to plan every detail of your next vacation, they also feature an Experience Collection which truly encapsulates the VIP travel experience. They curate Once-in-a-Lifetime Journeys to far-flung destinations, creating itineraries that truly are transformative. Like any country club, they have a $195,000 initial initiation fee plus annual dues based on the number of nights members travel. 

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