New Book Dares Luxury Sector Leaders to Relate & Lead With a Fierce Heart

According to a luxury industry human resources report, “The luxury goods sector is becoming an increasingly crowded space, as brands that once did not see themselves as operators in the luxury goods market, now identify opportunities to diversify and create products and services that can be sold at a premium. The question then remains: Is this trend leading to the luxury goods industry facing a talent crunch that will place greater strain on their ability to retain, attract and upskill talent?” Now more than ever, the luxury sector must rely on robust management skills in order to cultivate—and keep—an engaged, productive and loyal workforce.  This starts at the top with leaders already at the helm of these organizations. In the much-anticipated new book, "Dare to Relate: Leading with a Fierce Heart," trailblazing former federal agency CEO, TEDx speaker and renowned relational leadership expert Cheryl L. Mason, J.D. unveils an unconventional yet highly effective approach to leadership, In it, she challenges the status quo, encouraging luxury sector leaders to take personal responsibility for their team’s engagement and development.

Having been the fourth Presidentially-appointed, Senate-confirmed—and first woman—to serve as the CEO/Chairman of the VA Board of Veterans' Appeals before founding her Catalyst Leadership Management consultancy for which she serves as CEO, in "Dare to Relate," Mason provides a refreshing perspective to revolutionize workplace culture and leadership practices to foster a more dynamic, cohesive, productive and effective team environment.

Mason is a visionary who has transformed workplace culture and achieved unprecedented results. Thus, unlike conventional leadership training, “Dare to Relate” is written to forge a new path for cultivating strong workforce relationships. It addresses the fundamental principle that employees are people and a company’s most valuable resource.

Contemporary leaders often lack the preparedness and essential tools needed to effectively lead today's workforce. All too often, leaders rely on human resources or personnel management to manage their employees. “Dare to Relate” challenges the status quo, empowering CEOs and other leaders—both established and aspiring—to take personal responsibility for engaging and investing in the people who comprise their workforce. With this book, Mason provides a compass for visionary leaders who dare to create an impact.

“Being a catalyst leader involves facing challenges, overcoming obstacles and genuinely caring for and supporting your employees,” says Mason. “In ‘Dare to Relate,’ I share my journey and guide readers through essential principles of the relational management style. The book outlines the kind of skills needed to lead with authenticity and empathy. The kind that bolsters staff morale, trust and bottom line results in kind.”

From her own journey as a military spouse to her groundbreaking role as the first woman CEO of a federal agency, Mason's extraordinary journey detailed in the book is inspirational and empowering. So too are her actionable insights intended to embolden readers to break free from limitations and forge their own path of self-development to realize unparalleled success.


A Peek Inside:

Geese in V Formation: Mason draws an insightful parallel between the flight patterns of geese and leadership. Have you ever watched geese fly in their distinctive V formation? Mason encourages us to pay close attention, for there's a lesson in true leadership to be learned.

Leadership in Action: In their flight formation, the leader occasionally drops back to let another take the lead. This selfless act optimizes flying time, showcasing the importance of shared leadership responsibilities.

Efficiency and Communication: The geese position themselves just above the bird in front, reducing wind resistance and conserving energy. This fosters efficient communication and allows them to track each other, highlighting the power of teamwork.

Purpose, Impact, and Value: Mason underlines that each member of the flock serves a purpose, impacts others, and brings value to the team. This analogy beautifully illustrates the interconnectedness of leadership and teamwork, emphasizing the importance of caring for the team.


If you or someone you know is keen on a dynamic, inspirational and high-impact book that can ignite the spark of leadership within, look no further than “Dare to Relate” as a powerful source of motivation and key learning for building powerful, meaningful and authentic workplace connections.

Merilee Kern

Forbes Business Council Member Merilee Kern, MBA is an internationally-regarded brand analyst, strategist and futurist who reports on noteworthy industry change makers, movers, shakers and innovators across all categories, both B2C and B2B. This includes field experts and thought leaders, brands, products, services, destinations and events. Merilee is Founder, Executive Editor and Producer of “T...(Read More)

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