Watch the SpaceX Team Freak Out After Launched Rocket Lands Safely Back On Earth

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In case you missed it, SpaceX made history on Monday when they launched a 15-story Falcon 9 rocket into orbit to release 11 satellites. That’s not the amazing part though. After the satellites were deployed, Elon Musk’s company then successfully brought the massive piece of technology back to Earth where it landed a mere six miles from where it launched. Even cooler, it landed vertically. According to NBC, this marks the very first time that a rocket has been successfully brought back, making reusable rockets a very real future for space travel. Not only would reusing them be more cost effective, it also brings space tourism closer to being a reality.

The launch was originally planned for Sunday night, but apparently Musk had a feeling there would be a 10 percent better success rate if they pushed it to Monday. Okay, Musk, you officially know everything. 

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