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Lady Gaga Looks To Buy Gianni Versace's Former Milan Apartment

BY: Sara Cardoza | 2013
Lady Gaga has a love for all things Italian, from becoming buddies with Italian designer Donatella Versace to rumors of hunting for Italian sperm donors. The latest rumor is that the headline-making performer is looking for a bit of Italian real estate to call home. To be exact, Gaga is reportedly looking to purchase a place near 12 Via Gesu, an apartment inside which Gianni Versace lived and worked out of. Italian magazine Di Tutto is speculating that Gaga will take advantage of her neighborly proximity to Donatella and continue collaboration on an Italian take on “Haus of Gaga” – the performance art focused creative group responsible for Gaga’s attention-grabbing and often, controversial styles. Let’s hope she stays away from meat dresses… though, with the Italian love for food, who’s to say what type of edible wear she’ll be sporting next (Marinara war-paint anyone?) While she no longer goes by surname, “Germanotta,” Lady Gaga seems to be proudly seeking out her Italian heritage. An Italian wedding to model boyfriend Taylor Kinney, possible spermination, as well as semi-permanent residency for the pop star may be in her near future.

Vacation In Old Hollywood Style At The Grand Hotel Tremezzo

BY: Carolyn Hsu | 2012
I sunk deep into a plush brocade love chair in the lobby of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, a fresh cappuccino in hand, and...

Adopt a Gargoyle, Save a Cathedral

BY: Sally Farris | 2012
The Duomo Cathedral in Milan is making interesting headway on their quest for preservation funding. As Milan's city budget tightens with the struggling world economy, the cathedral is in danger of losing its luster. According to CBC, Cathedral management decided to make a few sacrifices to prevent that from happening. In order to build Milanese and world support for the Cathedral’s upkeep, officials have put the building’s 135 protective gargoyles up for adoption. Unlike accidentally adopting a homely adopted child in real life, prospective parents in this situation will only see their little cherub from afar, yet get to bask in the glory that their names are forever engraved below the monstrously life-like drainage sculptures. The Cathedral is hoping to collect about $32 million with each gargoyle adoption bringing in about $128,000. Already, eight gargoyles have been placed (metaphorically speaking) in loving homes. There are only 127 left, so get out there and make a difference in a gargoyle’s life.

New Milan Trend Blends Luxury Fashion & Gourmet Dining

BY: Sara Cardoza | 2012
Milan’s culinary scene is taking it up a notch, blending the city’s love for both high-end fashion and food. The result?...

Pregnant Model Walks Milan Catwalk in Third Trimester

BY: Nicolle Keogh | 2012
While Fashion Week attention transitions from New York City to Milan, one Italian model is making fashion news on runways overseas. A six-months-pregnant Raffaella Fico strutted her stuff for sexy swimwear label Pin-Up Stars on Saturday, garnering applause from some, but scolding from others. On one hand, Fico is just another model doing her job during Fashion Week— how can you frown upon a working mom? But others are upset with the pregnant model for bearing (almost) all in the third trimester of her pregnancy. What do you think? Should pregnant women flaunt their bumps or cover them up?

China & Italy Converge at 2012 Milano Fashion Summit

BY: Sara Cardoza | 2012
The 2012 Milano Fashion Global Summit is bringing together two of the luxury fashion industry leaders most influential...

Chinese Fashion Trends Discussed in Milan

BY: Sara Cardoza | 2012
For nearly the past decade, Milan has hosted a summit which provides special focus on the global industry of fashion, its...

Four Seasons Milan Opens Luxury Spa Sanctuary

BY: JustLuxe Team | 2012
The Four Seasons Milan, a luxury hotel located inside Italy’s second largest city was once a 15th century convent. Today,...

New Spa at Milan Four Seasons

BY: JustLuxe Team | 2012
The beautiful garden retreat of the Four Seasons Milan is excited to announce the opening of its brand new luxury spa. The...

Bentley Opens Milan Dealership Location

BY: JustLuxe Team | 2012
The city of Milan, which is renowned for being a world-leader in luxury brands, fashion, and high end lifestyle, will be the...

Bentley Milan

BY: JustLuxe Team | 2012
The Bentley corporation is opening their 39th European location in Milan, Italy. The new dealership will feature a 250...

Luxury Hotel in Milan Boasts Views of Duomo Cathedral

BY: JustLuxe Team | 2012
TownHouse Street Milan Duomo, a Milan luxury hotel, recently opened the doors to its lavish suites on St. Radegonda Street...
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