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The Craftsmanship and Precision of Paris' Haute Couture Houses

BY: Marissa Stempien | 2020
Even the most casual fashionista knows the beauty of haute couture. It brings to mind images of flowing ballgowns,...

Raising A Glass to Cognac, The Iconic Brandy

BY: Sean Hillen | 2020
Salt put Cognac on the world map, brandy kept it there.  That’s the short version of history, but true...

Paris’s Most Expensive Hotels

BY: JustLuxe Team | 2020
As 50 governors across the US continue to issue 50 unique and independent stay-at-home orders to us their citizenry, it...

The Luxury Brand Celine Continues to Impress

BY: JustLuxe Team | 2020
It’s hard to be a fashionable woman and not be—at least on some level—a francophile. Parisian women are...

Original 1955 Jaguar D-Type Up for Auction in Paris

BY: JustLuxe Team | 2020
The seventh customer D-Type ever made left the factory in 1955 heading to Australia.  Driver Bib Stillwell would have...

Paris Icon, Hotel Barriere Le Fouquet's Blends the Old with the New on the Champs-Elysees

BY: GiAnna Orangio | 2019
In Paris, every day is an adventure. Whether you're exploring Monet's at Musée Marmottan, sipping hot...

Four Choices for a Memorable Parisian Evening

BY: Sean Hillen | 2019
Paris offers so much to a visitor, it’s hard to choose what to see and do, especially in a short time. Here’s...

Fashion/Fall Trends from MONNIER Frères

BY: Marissa Stempien | 2019
They say that accessories make the outfit. Maybe this is why we’re constantly adding to our collection of shoes, bags,...

Two linked hotels offer experiences of Left and Right Bank Paris

BY: Sean Hillen | 2019
A rewarding way to enjoy Paris is spending several nights on both banks of the Seine, Left and Right, and immerse yourself...

Paris Is Always A Good Idea and Champagne Makes It Better

BY: Shea Peters | 2019
The quest to find the newest travel trends and hotspots is never-ending. In the past few years, younger travelers have...

City Guide: A Weekend in Paris

BY: Keri Bridgwater | 2019
Despite being one of the most visited cities in the world those traveling to Paris with more contemporary tastes can still...

Parisian Elegance With Intriguing Backstory, That's Maison Astor

BY: Sean Hillen | 2019
Basing the design of a hotel on a person’s character seems strange, naming a room in it after a dog even more...
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