Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan's Great Mexican Eclipse

Photo courtesy of Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan

A once in a lifetime extraordinary event is happening on April 8, 2024 when a total Solar Eclipse crosses North America. According to NASA, "On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will pass over Mexico, United States and Canada."  

Mazatlan sits squarely on the path of its totality. It will be one of the best places in the world to glimpse the wonder and glory of the sun's corona or outer atmosphere. This phenomenon is only visible when the sun is completely covered by the moon.

Pueblo Bonito Resorts is celebrating this celestial event by offering guests different wellness programs at both of their Mazatlan properties. Starting on April 6 - April 8, the resort's ARMONIA Wellness Collection is offering a "Solar Rebirth: Eclipse and Well-Being in Mazatlan" program. This relaxing wellness experience is available at both the award-winning luxury Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Resort & Spa and the refreshed Pueblo Bonito Mazatlán Beach Resort providing guests with Old World charm in the celebrated Golden Zone area of Mazatlan.

Mazatlan, Mexico. Photo Jill Weinlein

The travel trend for 2024 includes Astro Tourism. In a recent Conde Nast Traveler trend report, astro tourism is having a moment. “In 2024, travelers will be putting what’s important to them front and center of their plans, valuing deeper experiences that leave a positive impact, time spent with loved ones, and wellness moments that last well after checkout,” the report stated. “We’ll be choosing destinations carefully, slowing it down to enjoy the silence and the stars…and immersing ourselves in wellness practices that help us live longer.”

Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Mazatlan. Photo by Jill Weinlein

At the two Pueblo Bonito Resorts, this 'Solar Rebirth' allows guests to experience a unique alignment of cosmic energies, and engage in rituals and meditations to release old patterns. This program encourages people to be open to new opportunities, and connects guests with spirituality and nature.

Beach in front of Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan. Photo Jill Weinlein

The schedule at Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay and Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan begins on April 6, with enrichment and educational programs enlightening guests about what to expect on the big event. Guests are welcome to attend free workshops about the astrological meaning of the eclipse. Afterwards, there will be a yoga and meditation session.

Later in the evening, there will be a al fresco dinner under the stars that will include engaging stories and legends shared around a campfire.

Pool time at Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan. Photo Jill Weinlein

On April 7, guests will enjoy a morning stretching session in the pool, followed by a solar and lunar cycle workshop, and an eclipse visualization workshop. In the afternoon guests are welcome to participate in an aqua yoga session.

Later at sunset, guests are invited to an All-White Party with a themed dinner buffet. The evening will also feature a guided meditation afterwards to induce a restful sleep.

Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan. Photo Jill Weinlein

The following day on April 8, guests will be invited to a morning meeting and have the option to attend another guided meditation and yoga class, before the total solar eclipse arrives at 10:16 a.m.

Guests will wear specialized protective glasses to view the moon pass between the Sun and Earth, completely blocking the face of the sun. The sky will darken and the atmosphere will appear as if it were dawn or dusk. 

When the sun appears again, there will be a closing ceremony and group reflection, followed with a celebration brunch. 

Most of the events are free of charge. A few are available at an additional cost such as pre- and post-eclipse renewal rituals at Pueblo Bonito ARMONIA Spa incorporating unique personal treatments to enhance and commemorate the event. 

NASA states the next annular solar eclipse is on October 2, 2024 in South America. Only a partial eclipse will be visible in North America, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and Antarctica.

Reserve this once in a lifetime experience at Pueblo Bonito Resorts.


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