1 Hotel Central Park: A Bucolic Sanctuary In Manhattan

(credit: 1 Hotel Central Park)

On the corner of 58th and 6th Avenue, 1 Hotel Central Park is ideally situated just one block from Central Park. Adorned with 36,000 ivy plants, each living in a 100% recycled pot and working diligently to produce oxygen, absorb greenhouse gasses, reduce surface temperature of the building in the summer and insulate it in the winter on the three-story facade of the building, its leafy exterior provides a window to what is portrayed in its interior design.

A champion of eco-luxury, the hotel is designed with contemporary interiors with an abundance of nature throughout (think lots of reclaimed woods, plants and other reusable materials). If you don’t feel the natural surroundings already from all the greenery in the lobby, the sign which reads ‘nothing is ever truly lost’ brings the hotel chain’s mission of planet-conscious hospitality to the forefront.    

(credit: 1 Hotel Central Park)

With sustainability being front and center (evident by the multitude of eco-credentials the hotel has received), the hotel presents a luxury yet relaxed environment; a quiet and reflective enclave amidst the bustle of Manhattan. Their wellness focus extends from its interior design to its Field House Gym to its in-house restaurant featuring dishes created by pioneering Californian chef Jonathan Waxman. 

'At 1 Hotel Central Park, wellness is at the core of our mission. We believe that promoting a healthy lifestyle for our guests not only enhances their stay but also reflects our commitment to sustainability and mindfulness. By integrating wellness into every aspect of our property, from our serene, nature-inspired design to our farm-to-table dining options, we create an environment where guests can rejuvenate and reconnect with themselves and nature,” said Catherine Lee, General Manager.

(credit: 1 Hotel Central Park)

Inspired by the lush greenery and natural textures of Central Park, spaces are meant to bring the outdoors indoors, presenting an enclave with natural life. The pet-friendly hotel offers Audi E-Tron car service (within a 15-block radius of the hotel) and a lobby farmstand with complimentary seasonal snacks, along with a business center on the second floor. Each room in the 234 room hotel features live and preserved plants, eco-conscious mattresses with 100% sustainably sourced bedding and in-room yoga mat and foam roller. 

Health, wellness and relaxation is a real cornerstone of the 1 Hotels offerings, evident as well at 1 Hotel Central Park. At the Field House Gym, guests can workout using state-of-the-art equipment and partake in personal training sessions and group classes. For an additional wellness boost, the hotel partners with wellness tech brand HigherDOSE and allows guests to choose an infrared sauna blanket or an infrared PEMF to be delivered to your room for a full-body reset.  

(credit: 1 Hotel Central Park)

Wellness is also evident through the nutritious and seasonal menus at Jams, its farm-to-fork restaurant. Presenting seasonal menus guests are surrounded by exposed brick and reclaimed oak in an inviting yet upscale environment. Current seasonal specialties Lobster Agnolotti Crown, Watermark Oysters with the JW Organic Chicken being a staple due to its popularity. Guests can also sit around the 20 seat bar for fresh seasonal cocktails like the Frozen Watermelon Margarita and Mai Tai. 

(credit: 1 Hotel Central Park)

Relatively new to the hotel is their 19th-floor penthouse which blends artistry and sustainable design, boasting 1,200 sq. ft. of outdoor space. The Park Penthouse encompasses three huge suites, two guest rooms and spans 2,781 sq. ft. and features glass windows from a 1920s NYC factory, wood from a historic mercantile factory and walls adorned with reclaimed slabs of Coney Island boardwalk. With floor-to-ceiling windows and wrap-around terraces, guests have prime views of Central Park and more than 3,000 plants inside and on its terrace. Guests who book a stay at the penthouse enjoy special perks such as a complimentary personal training session for two, fully electric Audi Q8 e-tron transportation to and from tri - state airports and a curated minibar. 

The sustainable sanctuary allows guests to see, feel and taste how nature seamlessly intertwines with the guest experience.

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