The Bardessono: Napa Valley’s Greenest Luxury Resort

Hotel Review: As hotel chains get bigger and litter the country with locations, boutique hotels are finding their way onto the map by bringing hospitality back down to the individual level. By creating these smaller, focused properties, the guest only stands to benefit and last year, Napa Valley, California saw the addition of one of the greenest hotels in the country.

While the property may be lesser known, the area’s spectacular offerings such as outdoor activities and, of course, unparalleled wine are known the world over. The beautiful environment of coastal California can be both invigorating and rejuvenating. The Pacific ocean is nearly your backyard, and the Bardessono takes advantage of its location and its unique approach to your experience.

The benefits of being a smaller hotel (in the scheme of things) are seemingly endless. The focus is on your individual stay, and each of the well-placed accommodations, have your comfort in mind, such as the luxurious, Coyuchi bed linens, a local company specializing in organic, hand-loomed cotton bedding, bath, baby and wearables.

Book this hotel now with confidence! Personal Service. Best Rate Guarantee. 100% Luxury Hotels. Book Now! And herein lies the Bardessono’s claim to fame: the five acre resort was designed and built to adhere to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’s (LEED) most rigorous standards and has become Napa Valley’s greenest hotel. Crafted of locally quarried stone, steel and reclaimed California woods by the hands of skilled artisans, Bardessono is made of, and integrated into, the very earth upon which it stands. 940 solar panels creating 82 geothermal wells that naturally heat and cool the rooms, as well as 100,000 square feet of custom milled wood.

Where some environmentally conscious hotels fall short, where they put more energy into meeting LEED standards than their guests’ standards, Bardessono excels. No attention paid to the environment is not then equally paid to the guest: on the contrary, the two work together to elevate your experience and ensure it is unequalled.

Every room at the Bardessono is a suite and doubles as a spa, bringing their indulgent treatments directly to you. Spacious his-and-hers vanities, outdoor showers, soaking tubs for two, and dual indoor shower-steam rooms make the bathrooms an oasis and the carefully chosen luxuries added to your room, such as Blue Bottle Coffee and In Fiore skincare products (not to mention the beyond opulent bedding by Coyuchi), create a relaxing and unique hotel experience.

Your trip to the Bardessono wouldn’t be complete without a few key components. First, the expansive views from the rooftop poolside cabanas, where you can see the entire valley and its surrounding mountains. The lounge, filled with custom-built, reclaimed walnut furnishings, offers a list of locally crafted beers and classic cocktails while the restaurant serves organic cuisine, prepared by the expert hands of Executive Chef Sean O’Toole, and wine pairings selected from all over the world by Master Sommelier Chris Blanchard. But most important is experiencing the resort’s custom designed wine country adventures, coking classes and private tasting excursions that will make your trip to Napa Valley truly unforgettable.

As a young hotel (opened on February 2nd, 2009), the Bardessono has done quite a bit to earn its place as one of the hottest boutique vacation spots in the country. Listed as one of Time’s Green Design 100 (ranking in the top green hotels in the world) Bardessono has shown its capacity as a luxury hotel, winning over the critics and after your visit, sure to win you over as well.


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