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La Trémoille + 14 Rue de la Tremoille Paris 75008

Hotel De La Tremoille

A haven of peace, the epitome of Paris chic and a magnet for a whole range of celebrities including some leading jazz musicians: as you can see from this photo of Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington in the lobby. Nowadays, the hotel combines elegance and modernity : the mouldings and the marble fireplace go hand in hand with state-of-the-art technology, the Aubusson tapestry in the main stairwell flirts with the clean lines of the plum-coloured furniture in the lobby. A veritable invitation to travel back in time, while enjoying the sublime comfort and top-quality amenities of what is a quite exceptional and iconic hotel.


The rooms are cosy cocoons with their harmonious colour schemes in fawn, yellow ochre, brown, grey and white. The fabrics are perfectly coordinated and are ideal for these rooms : they ensure a tranquil and restful stay. Whether you're here for business or pleasure, you'll find it simplicity itself to browse the Internet with our free, unlimited connection by cable or Wifi, the ultimate in efficiency. The bathroom mirrors in triptych form set off the elegant grey and black marble, warmed here and there by wooden furnishings and wicker baskets.


The restaurant provides a subtle blend of the elegant service of yesterday with the daring and creative cuisine of chef Fabrice Debois. And this served in a decor which marries the glamour of the Thirties - evoked by the geometric designs of the cornices and mouldings - with soft lighting, the privacy of individual recesses shaded from view by a luxurious coat of mail net curtain, the shafts of light created by the huge conservatory and the music lounge. A lively atmosphere at lunch time and rather more serene once evening falls: the Louis² changes its image over the course of the day. To be completely in tune with what each guest wants.

Meetings & Events

In addition to its two meeting rooms for between 8 and 20 persons, La Trémoille can also make available part of its Le Louis² restaurant for receptions and business meals. Five tables each seating five persons can be hired for private use and they are separated from the main restaurant by an amazing coat of mail net curtain. What an original way to get to know the creative cuisine of chef Fabrice Debois.