10 Things Guardians of Rescue Does to Support Animals In Need

Hurricane Sandy Rescue

Guardians of Rescue

There are animals in need in just about every city in America. From the feral cats near the city center, to the displaced animals from natural disasters and fires, the need is there. While we may not all see it all the time, there are some people who not only see it, but they make it their mission to try and do something about it. That’s exactly what the organization Guardians of Rescue do on a routine basis.

“It’s easy to overlook the many animals in distress, or to turn away from it,” explains Robert Misseri, president of Guardians of Rescue, an organization dedicated to helping animals in need. “We don’t do that. We work hard, with the support of those in the public, to help these animals in need, and we feel great doing it.”

Guardians of Rescue provides a wide range of help and support to the animals in need throughout the New York City area. Here are 10 things they do to support animals in need:

1.   Feed animals that need food, including feral cats.

2.   Rescue distressed animals, including the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

3.   Provide whatever it is that the animals may need, including medical care.

4.   Help families who have economic trouble to continue caring for their pets.

5.   Support other rescue missions in their efforts to help distressed animals.

6.   Raise awareness about the issues that impact distressed animals and how people can help them.

7.   Help military families care for their pets during active duty.

8.   Fight animal cruelty and help bring an end to animal suffering.

9.   Educate the youth in the area, so that the cycle of animal abuse can be broken.

10.Work to get others involved, because many people want to help, but just don’t know how to do so.

“We do a lot to help animals, but we wouldn’t have it any other way,” added Misseri. “We also couldn’t do it without the support of those in the community. They provide us with the monetary support and supplies that we need in order to do what we do. It’s a team effort between us and the community.”

Recently, team members from Guardians of Rescue have helped over 150 animals that were victims of Hurricane Sandy, including driving 45 minutes to rescue a kitten that had become stranded and injured. They not only rescued the kitten, but they also got it the medical care it needed. They are still working to help animals that were impacted by the storm, as they continue to find more displaced animals, and help to provide pet food.

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