10 Things No Fashion- Loving Woman Should Ever Have In Her Closet

SHEfinds Founder and CEO Michelle Madhok and SHEfinds Senior Editor, Eileen Conlan recently wrote a fashion-inspired guide for women everywhere and we are anxious to get our hands on the first copies.  The Book titled, “WEAR THIS NOW: Your Style Solution for Every Season and Any Occasion,” is published by Harlequin and set to be released next week, but we got a sneak peek!

Enjoy an excerpt that is sure to make you rethink some of those old items in your closet. Here is the Top 10 of what you should never have in your wardrobe closet:

“1. White T-shirts with any holes or stains, including yellowed underarm stains–No, you are not allowed to wear them to the gym or even to sleep in, however, you can use them as rags if you must!

2. Anything with polka-dots–Even if they come back in season briefly, they never last, and more often than not, you end up looking like a 5-year old in them. Don’t bother.

3. Sweatshirts–you are allowed to keep ONE college sweatshirt for the homecoming game. Ditch the rest.

4. Light-Wash jeans–They will always make you look fat—it’s a universal truth.

5. Mom Jeans that are high-wasted and tapered–They may be comfortable, but if you’ve ever seen a makeover show, you know everyone looks like crap in them

6. Sweatpants with anything written across your butt.

7. Bridesmaid Dresses–even though she said you could wear it again, you can’t.

8. Free employer t-shirts, baseball caps, sweatshirts (see #3) – no one cares that you were on the 2011 super team marketing launch.

9. T-shirts that hit above the hip.

10.  Cotton sweaters–They stretch out and fade. Go for cashmere or merino wool.”


Felena Black

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