10 Things to Add to Your Bucket List

We’ve all been guilty of saying “no” to something we really wanted to do, for no reason other than we were scared. But how about living life on the edge, even for a short space of time? Everyone has their bucket list; a list of things, no matter how silly or serious, that they want to do before they die. So cross a few things off your list, to make room for these ten great ideas:

Drive Route 66

The world famous Route 66 snakes across the US states and is guaranteed to be the drive of your life. Whether you choose to drive the full length of the road, or just take a trip across a few states, this is certainly something to do before you die. Get together with your partner or a group of friends and experience the thrill of the road.

Bungee Jump

If it’s not already a feature on your bucket list, it should be. Doing a bungee jump is a huge adrenaline rush and is a must for thrill seekers everywhere. Even if you’re a wallflower, what better way to do something crazy than to take a genuine leap of faith? There are plenty of beautiful locations over the word that you can choose as your backdrop, so why not bite the bullet and give it a go.

Sit in the Audience of a TV Show

If a bungee jump isn’t your thing, something more conservative to add to your bucket list is sitting in the audience at your favourite television show? Whether it’s Jerry Springer, Jay Leno or Dancing With the Stars; you can easily apply for free audience tickets. If you know your favourite celebrity is going to be on, why not go down to meet them and get yourself a front row seat for all the action.

Own a Racehorse

Many of us enjoy the thrill of live sporting events like horseracing. But how about getting even closer to the action by owning your own racehorse? You can have sole ownership or join a syndicate, but this is a great way to experience the thrill of winning in a whole new way. Seeing your horse gallop to victory is like nothing else, so make sure this is at the top of your bucket list.

Run a Marathon

Are you guilty of saying you’ll get fit, and then doing nothing about it? Well why not sign up for a marathon, charity or fun run as an incentive? Not only will you get fit, lose weight, and tone up; but you’ll also help raise money for some great causes. Take part with a friend and make sure you have fun. Ease yourself in gently but once you take part in one, you’re sure to be bitten by the marathon bug.

Swim with Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is surely at the top of everyone’s bucket list? Swimming with these gentle creatures is something that is widely available in many holiday locations, so you have plenty of chance to check it out. If you fancy something even more exciting, why not swim with sharks instead?

Visit all Seven Continents

Another great thing to make sure you do before you die is visit every continent. While most of us aren’t able to afford to visit every country, we can certainly step foot on every continent. Make a list of the places you’d most like to visit and either go travelling there, or spend a few days enjoying the sights.

Learn a New Language

Another thing many of us say we wish we could do was speak another language. So why not add this to your bucket list, and get learning right away? There are plenty of ways you can learn foreign tongues, so there is no excuse. Challenge yourself by learning something out of the ordinary, or learn how to speak the language of your favourite holiday destination.

Go to a Festival Abroad

Festivals are a firm favourite with many music lovers, but instead of going to your local one, why not travel abroad? With so many festivals such as Coachella, Benicassim, and Glastonbury attracting thousands of people every year; make sure you join in the festival fun.

Brew Your Own Alcohol

Finally, why not look into brewing your beverage of choice at home? It can be easy to make your own wine, beer, and cider and can even taste better that the shop brought alcohol. Follow professional instructions and make sure you know what you’re doing first though.

These are just some unique ideas to try before you die. Why not make some room on your bucket list by trying some of these great ideas this summer?


If owning a racehorse is on your bucket list, conatct ex-jockey and expert trainer Jonjo O'Neill today.

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