10 Waterfalls to See in Europe

The European Waterfalls are known for its diversity. Europe is considered to be a compact continent which boasts the densest collection of countries and also provides a diversity of waterfalls to watch which may make one’s trip more scintillating. The waterfalls in Europe provide both healthy and natural attractions to the tourists visiting this continent.

1. Glymur Waterfall: Glymur waterfall which means Glimmer is considered to be one of the tallest waterfalls of Europe. It is situated in Reykjavik and is a bit difficult to be found, but once explored by the tourists it’s a heaven to be seen. It shows one of the stunning scenery with a natural arch. This waterfall also shows the beautiful birds flying and diving in the waterfall elegantly.

2. Hengifoss Waterfall: This waterfall is the third largest waterfall and is situated in the Egilsstair providing a scenic glamour to the tourists. This waterfall provides very beautiful scenery though the tourists have to do a bit of exercise but once reached to this place, it makes one feels in heaven.

3. Gullfoss Waterfall: Gullfoss Waterfall is the most famous waterfall bearing a 32m height and plunges in two states together providing an outstanding shape which gives the appearance of meeting two rivers at one point. During the sunny climates, it gives the appearance of beautiful rainbows forming in the streaming smog. This waterfall is very popular amongst the tourists visiting Europe.

4. Dettifoss Waterfall: This is considered to be one of the monsters waterfalls of Europe as it is very powerful. This waterfall is made with the water of the melting glaciers which falls with immense pressure. The tourists may be mesmerized and at the same time feared of the pressure of the falling water of the waterfall. This waterfall increases the natural beauty of Europe.

5. Dynjandi Waterfall: This waterfall is situated in Westfords which is the wildest place in Europe. But, this waterfall makes it a mesmerizing place. It falls in a shape which is quite surprising to look at and leaves behind a memorable experience in the minds of the tourists. This waterfall falls in multiple stages and if the tourists want they can walk up to the highest tier of the waterfall which is the most stunning part of the fall.

6. Skogafoss Waterfall: This waterfall is a classic fall in a rectangular shape which increases the royalty of Europe. This is the only waterfall which can be enjoyed with the mist at the base and also from its top.

7. Haifoss Waterfall: This is the 2nd largest waterfall of Europe. This waterfall has a escort waterfall called Glanni which means neighbor. Is also accompanied with beautiful rainbows on sunny afternoons.

8. Godafoss Waterfall: This waterfall truly talks about the history of Europe. This waterfall is converted into a river and the scenic beauty can be experienced from both sides of the river.

9. Hraunfossar Waterfall: This waterfall happens to be the most unusual waterfall as it flows through a long line of spring further joining an old lava flow.

10. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall: This waterfall is popular because the tourists can go behind it. It can be reached through a number of tour buses to enjoy the scenic beauty.

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