12 Beauty Fakes To Make You Look More Awake Than You Actually Are


We all have those days when we can’t get proper sleep for different reasons. Lack of sleep is a major factor for puffy eyes and a tired face. We can’t be fresh-faced all the times but luckily we have a few makeup tips that can make us look all perky again. There is no better solution than a good night sleep but if you getting late for your office or want to see someone on a short notice, here are a few tricks that you can employ to look more awake than you actually are:


Our skin replenishes at night and if you don’t get a proper sleep, your face might starve for your attention. Splash your face with cold water. Use a good moisturizer (or a bb cream) and apply it with a bit pressure as you massage your skin. It would not only give an even tone to your face but will also help to remove puffiness by improving blood circulation. It is advisable to scrub a little if your skin looks much dry or dehydrated.


Don’t go for a heavy concealer or foundation as it may give a cakey effect on tired, flaky face. Use a light coverage foundation that matches your skin tone. Mix a bit of illuminator on your foundation for an added glow.

Choose eye shadows wisely:

Pick light shades form your eye shade palate. Wearing a dark smoky eye is a big no-no. It makes your eyes look short and overdone with makeup. For a fresh face, make sure to use lighter shades of browns and peaches that will give a glowing effect to your face regardless of how tired you look.

Curl your lashes:

Do not forget to apply mascara.  Curling your eyelashes upwards before putting on mascara would make your eyes look exceptionally wide and bright. You can also line your lower eyelid with a nude pencil (avoid using black) to cover puffy eyes. Using colored contact lenses is also advisable.

Shape up your brows:

With a soft hand give your eyebrows a lifted touch. Use eyebrow pencil to give an arched effect and then brush them out. It would draw away attention from dark circles and tired eyes.

Flush your cheeks with a blush:

Do not try to go out pale. A pop of peach or pink blusher on your cheeks will give a dimension to your face and your face will look fuller. Do not apply tan or bronze shades; they would look unnatural on a pale, tired face. Peachy pink would make you look more fresh and awake.

Lip Service:

Tired, dehydrated lips don’t work well with lipstick. Go for colored lip balms or moisturizing lip gloss. Try something soothing to make your whole face look radiant.

Wear your down hair:

You might feel tempted to go for a ponytail or tied-up hair but it would only emphasize your face more. Simply brush your hair, tame them with a frizz control formula by stroking your hair with your fingers and you are ready to go.

Wear bright colors:

Light colors will make you look dull and boring. Wear bright colors that will make you feel all fresh and full of energy. The secret to get out of a dark and dull day is by wearing fresh colors that will hide your low-energy levels.

Pour down an energizing scent:

Last but not the least, don’t forget to apply a fruity scent that will revive your beauty and let others know that you are ready for action.

No doubt these tricks are much handy since they give women a chance to look good even if they lack good hours of sleep and rest but don’t forget that there is no alternate for a healthy lifestyle. Proper sleep for eight hours straight is a golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.

Author’s Bio: Jenny Corteza is a full-time writer who works on content marketing articles. She also likes designing vestido infantil and has set up a side-business to cater to her clients.



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