1931 Bugatti Type 54 Going Up for Auction

1931 Bugatti Type 54


When I first read that the 1931 Bugatti Type 54 has a top speed around 150 mph, I thought to myself, “Well, that’s not impressive anymore.” Then I realized that without a top or a real windshield, 150 mph might feel like warp speed and scary as hell. Either way, it’s a gorgeous classic race car, even if it’s not as streamlined as some of the impressive sports cars nowadays.


Auction house Bonhams said it will offer a well-known Bugatti Type 54 factory racer at its Feb. 7 sale, which coincides with the weeklong Retromobile collector-car festivities in Paris.

The car was driven by Achille Varzi at Monza in 1931. The event, the IV Gran Premio Di Monza, was the first race for the then-new Type 54s with 4.9-liter, twin overhead cam, supercharged eight-cylinder engines. They generated an amazing 300 horsepower and gave the cars top speeds around 150 mph. Read More


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