25th Anniversary of V-12 BMWs Special Edition 760Li

Special Edition 760Li


Priced at about $160,000 and with only 15 being offered to the United States, the Special Edition 760Li, being built in celebration of the 25th anniversary of BMW’s first V-12, is going to be pretty tough to get your hands on. Congratulations to the company and whoever picks up one of these special edition BMWs.


It was 25 years ago that BMW launched its first production V-12 engine, with the unit, code-named the M70, debuting in the E32 7-Series flagship sedan. BMW engineers joined two of the automaker’s legendary straight-six units on a single crankshaft, forming a 60 degree V-12 that displaced 5.0 liters and produced an impressive--for the time--300 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque. A variation of this engine, the S70/2, would eventually be developed for the McLaren F1 supercar. Read More


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