27 inch Gold iMac from Computer Choppers
By: Yash Desai   |    Founder | Whiz Media
March 20, 2012   |   0 Comments

A metal that never goes out of style and a design that is supposedly the best that the market has to offer result in this gorgeous desktop. Computer Choppers - known for creating gold embellished products and classics such as this gold and diamond encrusted Macbook Pro
have done it again. This time though they have selected a desktop computer. Its a change since usually its all about laptops and mobile devices. We guess that people really like to ‘show off’ their bling. A gold desktop however is for the true bling connoisseur.

Computer Choppers have previously made a 21.5” model in polished rose gold , but someone who can afford to own a gold desktop will surely want a 27 incher. After all, bigger is better too.

While Computer Choppers request you to email them for a quote (all systems are completely customised) , the inside word is that expect to write out a check for anything between  $7,500-10,000 USD depending on hardware specifications. Contact Computer Choppers here.

This article was originally written on The Rich Times ; to view in its entirety with images, click here.

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