4 Memorable Hunger Games Fashions

The Hunger Games is a vibrant menagerie of weird and wonderful fashions as well as stunningly powerful fashion looks from bold colors and eccentric dress designs, to sleek ball gowns and mesmerizing facial hair. With such an array of fantastic creations, The Hunger Games is at the top of the list for Halloween costumes this season.

Seneca Crane

Seneca Crane is the Head Gamemaker for The Hunger Games and despite his more somber approach to fashion, he has embraced the devilishly weird touches of elaboration that sweep through Capitol fashions.

Seneca Crane’s beard is his most striking feature. The delicate swirls and peaked tips of hair that seem to creep around his face, give him a dangerous yet cheeky appearance. His look is a dramatic twist between the fun eccentric styles of the Capitol combined with a fearful animalistic sharpness that exudes from his face. It’s hard to look at him without noticing this striking features.
Teamed with red and black, the look has a fiery ferocious feel that gives Seneca his sneaky, snake-like look.

Katniss Everdeen

Katniss has two main looks which a strikingly memorable to the film and can be seen replicated in fashions worldwide. Her ‘arena’ look is one of a ferocious warrior; a more ‘outdoorsy’ healthy look, which can be attributed to other great fictional characters such as Lara Croft.

The simple make-up gives a natural look, with bronzed skin and dark eyes to show her origins from District 12. Her outfit is a ‘hunter’ type style, which is achieved through beige combats, a heavy dark coat and military boots. Both practical for The Hunger Games and strong looking, the outfit gives a fearless feel about her. Finished off with Katniss’ simple side braid, the memorable ensemble shows the strength in character and a deep rooted sense of the outdoor world.

Secondly, and most popularly, Katniss’ ‘girl on fire’ outfit is unforgettable. The black killer catsuit, teamed with knee high gold boots and a cape of fire, is a look which shows fearlessness and a sense of readiness to pounce. Both sexy and dominating, the style is easily mimicked and popular at cos play events. Additionally, Katniss’ fire ballgown is a stunning representation of power and beauty combining. Floor length with a fishtail detail, the dress is made from deep sensual reds and oranges to give the illusion of flames, and finished with an outlandish sparkling corsage, to create fiery detail.


Unlike the other characters in The Hunger Games, Rue’s style does not emit a sense of power and strength, but quite the opposite. Her slight frame and young age give her an air of innocence, exaggerated by her memorable interview outfit. Hailing from District 11, famous for its orchards, Rue’s outfits play on the concept of plants and flowers.

Her interview outfit is a sweet ‘baby doll’ style dress in duck-egg blue, highlighting her innocence and vulnerability. The flower detailing on her dress matches the corsage attached to her hair, playing on the District 11 undertones. To top off the look, her smoothed down voluptuous afro, cut at chin level, underlines her young age and provides the framing for a memorable outfit.

Effie Trinket

Effie Trinket is a citizen of the Capitol and notoriously abides to Capitol Couture fashions religiously. Her exaggerated style is a splash of idiosyncrasy in the stark bleakness of District 12, Katniss’ home district. Her fashion sense is unforgettable and one of the most memorable eyepieces of the entire film; completely recognizable worldwide. This gives Effie Trinket an extra edge as the perfect costume idea this Halloween.

So what makes her outfits so special?

Firstly, Effie Trinket’s pale faced makeup, over the top accentuated eyeshadow and piercing blue eyes are hard to miss. This is an easily created style. For a Halloween Effie Trinket costume, apply pale facial powder, get crazy with the eye shadow, and don’t forget the striking blue contact lenses. Make sure to hide your lips with pale lip gloss and apply rhinestones as beauty spots; Effie loves a little sparkle!

Secondly, to complete Effie’s look, no-one can forget her peculiar outfits. The main defining features of Effie’s outfits are bulbous shoulders, vivacious colors, tight structure waists and eccentric shoes. Effie teams block colors and intricate patterns with unforgettable boot shoes and ankle socks, to give a truly peculiar look which falls in line with The Hunger Games Capitol fashion, and remains truly unforgettable in the minds of the watchers.

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