4 Trends at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Weeklaunched in Denmark and hundreds of styles were sent down the runway. With so many selections to choose from, many echoing glamorous fashion from past eras, there were four specific trends that stood out above the rest.

Trends for Spring/Summer 2013 according to Indie Fashion Experts and Editors:

Trend #1: Mid-20th century prep

Cinching waists, boat-neck necklines and polo and sailor collars define this look. A respect and love for the silhouette make this classic look a hit and bold, bright colors and patterns gives it new life.

Trend #2: Long, flowy, amorphous and black

It’s the return of the 90s chic goth look, with black, black and more black.

Trend #3: Loose sleeves

This trend was the most prevalent, seeing incorporated on sweaters, coats, dresses and shirts, often cinched at the wrists, again another 90s look recycled.

Trend #4: Trench coats

Trench coats were a very popular addition to ensembles shown at CFW, many sported fat, wide collars or half-sleeves (our favorite) and were almost exclusively worn open. Reminiscent of the late 80s.

Which one of these 2013 trends is your favorite revamped from fashion’s past?


Felena Black

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