5 Beautiful Ideas for Candle Arranging in the Home & Garden

For inspired interior design touches that won't break the bank, candles are the ideal accessory. Not only will a stylish arrangement look great in your home, but by selecting different fragrances depending on the room and season you can give any room that extra touch of flair and personality. Here are five great ideas for eye-catching candle arrangements in your home.

Floating Floral

Fill a tall clear glass vase almost to the top with water, and cut enough large flowers to almost fill the vase underneath the water. Float a tealight candle over the flowers, ideally your candle should be roughly the same width as the vase, and for greater effect choose a candle with a matching scent. For example, bright sunflowers would look fantastic in this arrangement, so choosing a Yankee Candle 'Sunflower' tealight candle would finish it off perfectly.

Vintage Glamour

For a touch of retro luxury, showcase your candles in a quirky vintage item such as antique birdcages, jam jars, antique tins or vintage cups and glasses. You can arrange your favourite flowers, greenery or decorative items around your arrangement.

A Candle Garden

Arrange different height candles in a shallow dish surrounded by decorative pebbles, glass beads or multi-coloured dried beans for a great centrepiece for any room. You can apply the art of fragrance layering by choosing complimentary scents to give your home its own signature scent. Yankee Candle's new Autumn Housewarmer fragrances evoke a cosy autumn day, so why not try layering their earthy 'Pumpkin Wreath' with the warm fragrance of 'November Rain'.

Garden Party

Bring the seaside to your garden with tealight candles floating in a glass bowl filled with water, pebbles and seashells. Choose fragrances that suggest long lazy days as the beach, such as Yankee Candle's 'Oceanside' or 'Beach Flowers', to compliment your outdoor entertaining. Yankee Candle also produces 'Conceal' mosquito-blocking candles that blend fresh scents of the garden with hints of vanilla and cedar, perfect for outdoor protection.

Dinner a Deux

Add a magical radiance to an amorous dinner for two with a romantic candle arrangement. Just the glow from the candlelight will be enough to create an intimate mood, so simple decoration will work perfectly. Try wrapping satin ribbon around two or three pillar candles on the table, just the thing for gazing lovingly into each other's eyes!

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