5 Fine Living Questions with Supermodel Emme

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Copyright Nitsan

As a fitness, health, and self-esteem advocate for women of all ages, plus-size supermodel Emme is a true inspiration. Her conviction that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes is conveyed through her first book, True Beauty: Positive Attitudes and Practical Tips from the World's Leading Plus Size Model, as well as through her inspirational web site,—a multi-platform community designed to encourage wholeness amid women's stressed and segmented lives.

While People magazine twice selected Emme as one of the "50 Most Beautiful People" of 1994 and 1999 and Glamour magazine has previously named her "Woman of the Year," today Emme’s inner beauty radiates more brightly than ever.

Emme has enjoyed an extraordinary and enduring career in a glamorous industry. The Luxe List recently caught up with her to get her take on these 5 questions related to luxe living:

1. How do you define both basic and extreme luxury?

Basic Luxury: Coffee with steaming milk served to me in my fluffy and sumptuous bed with fluffy pillows and the New York Times Sunday paper---and the uninterrupted time to read it front to back.

Second basic luxury: Taking a very long and hot bath with tons of Epsom salts infused with frankincense, rose, and possible cedar.  Pine if I'm training for sore muscles.  Lavender if I need help to sleep and Orange and Rosemary if I need a jolt to get going!   Ahhh.

Extreme Luxury: Vacationing in Vail each winter for cross-country and downhill skiing, snow shoeing, which is a must. No staying in a hotel. It’s about renting a home with a huge fireplace and kitchen for entertaining!  For President's holiday, cruise someplace warm or runaway to a low profile 5-star spa hideaway in Mexico. In the summer, skiing in Chile. For all levels, El Colorado is the place to go.  I love the snow and  lots of time at the great lodges around the Great Lakes. 

I have four retreats a year with close girlfriends from each group I have in my 5-star spa locations around the world. 

“Glamping” with my family across America. -  a dream and a bucket list item!

2. What items and/or experiences do you love to splurge on?

I love to eat well and work at finding the freshest most wholesome organic food I can. The cost is worth it upfront with fewer doctor visits in the end!   I recently met a farmer from Early Girl Farms in Mooriches, Long Island.  Her produce, no matter what it is, lasts in my fridge for two weeks without a wilt.  So, whenever I make a visit, I load my car up, knowing we have our nutrients for a few weeks: kale, spinach, arugula, beets - whatever she has I buy and lots of it!

I definitely splurge on my skin care regimen and recently learned about and started using LifeLine SkinCare Defensive Day Moisture Serum and Recovery Night Moisture Serum. They stand apart from other lines I've tried through the use of stem cells (non-embryonic) in their day and night cream.  I see a difference with the fine lines slowly going away.  For myself, I'm not an advocate for facial surgery but as a model and being in the public eye, I'm glad LifeLine has given me what I was looking for - a nice refreshed look naturally! 

3. Where is the favorite place you have traveled to and why?

St. Barth’s is one of my favorite places. Once I land on the island (scary landing strip, but worth it), I can smell the scent of the island through the flowers, suntan lotions, French foods and ocean breeze, and immediately I relax.  The trips I've made there were with friends and family filled with villas, mini car excursions, Shell Beach and a stop at BoBo's, Nikki Beach for luxurious lunches and long swims.  I had one of the clearest dives off the coast of St. Barth’s with my friend, Martha. We loved it so much we stayed down through two tanks because the conditions were so good!  The music at every restaurant, outdoor lounge, or beach sways away your stress and don’t forget about the cuisine -- divine at every turn.  The island breaths sensuality and I recommend St. Barth’s for those who want to treat their senses to a vacation they will soon not forget!

4. Do you consider yourself a "foodie"? Why or why not?

Since my mom schooled in Switzerland and cooked with a French base, I was born a foodie.  At every meal, not only was the food prepared well and oh those sauces, but our surroundings were also special with lit candles, proper culturally, and manners were a must at an early age.  I learned how the art of civility around a meal only enhanced whatever we ate so when my mother went through hard times after the divorce from my father and had to work two jobs while living in NYC, we practiced fine dining no matter what was on our plates.  I learned how to create something special out of nothing and still practice that skill, if needed. 

Later on when tides turned, exposure to a variety of foods while living in Saudi Arabia as an elementary and middle age school child gave me the chance to travel around the world and eat from many cultures.  This enhanced my palate beyond the typical hamburger and French fries consumed by my U.S. friends. But, don’t be fooled. Whenever I came back to NYC, I was on the hunt of the best burger in town.  I actually performed a faux pas in India (Sri Lanka) when I asked for a hamburger at the Intercontinental resort where my family and I were staying.  The look of horror and disgust on the servers face is something I will never forget. Little did I know eating a cow violated their religion! 

Today, I make an effort to expose my 11-year old daughter and her friends and anyone I have over for dinner to our regular practice of fine dining with a nicely and thoughtfully set table with lit candles and everyday use of my sterling silver Christofle “Aria” cutlery (no sense in keeping it tucked away!) Recently, I brought out champignon (mushroom) pate to some young, curious souls. I’m not sure it went over so well, but at least they tried!

5. What is your favorite tip for "living fabulously"?

Drink lots of water
Limit caffeine and alcohol
Eat well and organic as much as you can
A cookie is just a cookie--get over it!
Cashmere is a girl’s best friend (Loro Piana - splurge; Brooks Brothers button up--great quality)
Luxury luggage and brief case : LV Damier lasts forever and makes a statement every trip
Clutches in every color - a women's must-have accessory
Entertaining friends and family a must!
Plan vacations with family each year no matter what
Sleep 6-8 hours a night
Move it every day! Play+Sweat+Win frequently
Make love and forgive often
Listen more and say you're sorry
Give back

And, last but not least, never give up.

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