5 Jetsetter Destinations for 2013

There are some places in the world that simply aren’t accessible to the majority of us.  They are the playgrounds of the ultra-wealthy; and between real estate prices, exclusive resorts, obscene prices, and remote locations, the ordinary person just can’t afford to visit.  Due to their rich and famous patrons, these destinations are amongst the trendiest and most chic in the world.  Dreaming of more glamourous horizons, here are Thorpe Park Breaks’ top getaways for 2013:

Aspen, Colorado

This quaint ski town in the Rocky Mountains is perhaps the most iconic Old Money winter holiday destination there is. Scores of celebs, billionaires, oil tycoons, and foreign royalty flock here to hit the slopes each year. As a consequence, it now has some of the expensive real estate in the US. The cheapest property listed in Aspen last year was a $600K trailer. 

St. Barthélemy, Caribbean

The Caribbean can boast many islands frequented by the rich and famous, but none trendier than St. Barts.  It has been popular amongst the jet set since the 1960s and is particularly noteworthy for its elite resorts, most of which have fewer than 10 rooms. On this island where luxury and decadence reign supreme, beachfront villas sell for as much as £61 million.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

Switzerland’s banks have long been great favorites of the extremely wealthy, and so has the Alpine ski town of St. Moritz. Officially known as the ‘Top of the World,’ it attracts hordes of the world’s top earners and is the annual location for meetings of the Bilderberg Group: a closed-door gathering of some of the most influential people in Europe and the US. 

Tucker’s Town, Bermuda

Many in the jet set prefer to own vacation homes rather than stay at resorts. Tucker’s Town is the site of the so-called “Millionares Row,” where many celebrities and powerful politicos spend time golfing and relaxing on the private pink-sand beaches. Non-residents are completely forbidden from visiting here, and the area is almost as private as it is posh.

Saint-Tropez, France

This city on the French Riviera is famous for scenic beaches, luxury hotels, enormous yachts, and its association with Brigitte Bardot, who is largely responsible for creating the place’s allure. Many wealthy yachters like to stop here on their way to the Cannes Film Festival, and musicians from Pink Floyd to P. Diddy have sung St. Tropez’s praises. 

It is unclear just how places like these come to occupy such prestige and curry favor amongst the jetsetters of the world. All of them are certainly gorgeous locations, but it would be a stretch to claim they are the most beautiful around. That being said, these locations are unquestionably the most lavish, exclusive, and upscale travel destinations on the planet.


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