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5 Male Luxury Accessories Found in the Bathroom


Whether you want to admit it or not, if youíre a male, you still spend an impressive amount of time in the bathroom. Not matter what your agenda is--relaxation, getting some alone time, or shaving--you enjoy your bathroom time and you have your very own accessories. But what are these accessories, exactly? Take a look below at some luxury accessories that any man would be luck to have or use.

Whatís In Your Bathroom?

What special accessories do you keep in your bathroom? Depending on you and your specific needs, you could keep a range of items hidden in your bathroom. After all, every guy is different and has their own particular needs. The items mentioned are common bathroom items that men either already have or desperately want.


This may not actually seem like a luxury item, but it can be. There are literally hundreds of different kinds of colognes, some very expensive. After all, what man doesnít want a nice bottle of cologne to help him smell classy and defined? When you smell good, you attract people--whatís more luxurious than that? Though most men already wear cologne, the question arises: do they wear good cologne or cheap cologne? If youíre currently on a budget, then you may dream about owning an expensive of bottle of cologne.

If Youíre Going to Shave, Shave Right

The Art of Shaving believes shaving is just that, an art form. Therefore, if youíre going to shave, then you should do it correctly. After all, when you use cheap or tattered products, you stand the chance of cutting or tearing your face. No manly bathroom is complete without luxury shaving brushes. Whether you shave often or just once in a while, you should still treat yourself. This is your face youíre shaving--people are going to notice it!

Fog-Free Shower Mirror

This item is really to help with the previous accessories, but still, itís important. No bathroom is complete without a fog-free shower mirror. This utensil is perfect for shaving, brushing your teeth, or just giving yourself a quick check before heading out in the morning. Itís not surprise that bathrooms get foggy, quickly affecting the mirror and your access to your use said mirror. With this fog-free tool, your worries will be behind you and you can stay confident knowing (and seeing) that you look good.

Electric Toothbrush

You undoubtedly clean your teeth, but do you do it the right way? If you havenít succumbed to the latest times and accessories, then go out now and make this purchase. This brush will have your teeth shining white and your breath smelling minty fresh all day long. Also, itís important to note, an electric toothbrush can get rid of twice the amount of plague than a regular old toothbrush can.

Shower Radio

Who doesnít like to listen to music in the shower? This great accessory will make your shower time more pleasurable and give you that kick-start you need in the mornings. By keeping the radio in the shower, you are able to adjust the volume and quickly change the station at your own convenience.

Believe it or not, men spend just as much time in the bathroom as women do. There are so many accessories and items that men use on a daily basis. Of course, luxury shower accessories are based on opinion. What your friend uses in the bathroom may be a moot item to you and vice versa. Stock your bathroom with items you just canít seem to live without--you will enjoy your bathroom time much more.


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