5 Most Expensive Celebrity Cars In 2014

In terms of cars, it gets challenging to tell which one is most renowned worldwide or which auto offers more characteristics. Without a doubt the greater part of the automobile companies are thinking of such auto models that have very nearly same characteristics. The best thing is that, the majority of these characteristics are truly astounding and with the progression of time, we are seeing some incredible changes in these designs. One thing that truly makes an item expensive and worth purchasing is the individual/ celebrity connected with it. There is an excuse for why enormous companies making consumer items attempt to get a huge celebrity on their side as brand ambassador. They realize that if a celebrity will suggest their item to others, they will see an incredible support in the bargains. Today, we are set to discuss main 5 most expensive cars possessed by famous people.

Ferrari Enzo – Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is my most loved actor as well as happens to be one of the richest big names in US. The most expensive auto in famous people is possessed by Nicolas Cage. He claims Ferrari Enzo which is one of the finest cars each presented by this US organization. The expense of the auto is 670,000 which is truly an enormous cost. I'm not certain what uncommon characteristics he has got in his auto yet the auto must be so unique to cost such an enormous fortune.

Porsche 959 – Jerry Seinfeld

Porsche is one of the first class luxury auto making and offering companies on the planet. The best thing about Porsche is that, they have a standard quality of their items and regardless, they never bargain over their quality not, one or the other they duplicate the style and characteristics of other auto making companies. May be that is the main motivation why Jerry Seinfeld chose to purchase Porsche 959. The cost of this auto is $700,000.

Bugatti Veyron – Simon Cowell

An alternate extremely popular auto making companies in US is Bugatti. I for one like the cars made by this organization and their configuration as well. The strong look of their cars is the thing that makes them so exceptional. Obviously, the technological characteristics are second to none. Simon Cowell additionally claims Bugatti Veyron and the cost of his auto is $ 1700,000 or $1.7 million.

Bugatti Veyron – Birdman

It gives the idea that Simon Cowell is not by any means the only celebrity who has fallen for Bugatti Veyron as the following celebrity in our record likewise possesses that same auto in an alternate shade and with some extra characteristics. This time it is Birdman who happens to possess an unique rendition of Bugatti Veyron. I must say here that this variant of the auto cost him around $200,000 or $2 million.

Maybach Exelero – Jay Z –

A large portion of you might not have even known about the name of Maybach Exelero. All things considered, this is on the grounds that the cars made by this organization are not for customary consumers. They make custom cars that are furnished with unique characteristics. One of such cars is claimed by Jay Z and you will be shocked to realize that this auto cost him $8 million.About Author: Aman Verma is a passionate blogger, Who blogs about health, fitness, automobiles and cars, Incase if you are looking for more car tips then you can check ibloginside. It’s a multi-niche blog which provides comprehensive guides on various niches.He also blogs at about blogger seo tips and at for best whatsapp status messages.


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