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5 Must Have Items For Your Holiday Travel Bag

La Fresh Wipes


Heading somewhere on a much needed holiday vacation getaway orlast-minute business trip? Make travel so much easier with these state-of-the-art products. Zip by that long security line in a flash!


La Fresh Wipes 

These handy-dandy personal care wipes are great for ANY last minute pinches and fit in any purse or travel bag. The wide variety of individually packaged wipes include facial cleansing wipes, makeup remover wipes, antiperspirant wipes (designed separately for men and women), insect repellant wipes, female hygiene wipes, male hygiene wipes, shoe shine wipes, nail polish remover wipes, lens and screen cleaning wipes, and many more. www.lafreshgroup.com 


Bon Bliss Beauty Single-Use candy-Wrapped Scrubs

Perfect for travel or anyone on the go, this single-use, individually wrapped scrub are cute, super convenient and smell heavenly. A calorie-free indulgence, spoil your senses with scents like Orange Sorbet and Lavender Luxury. Made from fine salt, pure cane sugar, moisturizing tropical butters and oils to leave your skin glowing and silky soft. www.BonBlissBeauty.com 


Amarte Daily ExfoliPowder

Don’t be harassed by carrying too may liquids on the plane every again! This unique powder-to-polish cleanser is activated by water and gently removes dry, dull skin to reveal a smooth, radiant complexion. The advanced Korean formula uses botanicals and natural exfoliants, and is gentle enough for everyday use for all skin types, resulting in brighter, fresher skin. $35, www.AmarteSkinCare.com.


Travalo Touch  

The Travalo Touch allows for a more subtle 
application of any favorite fragrance, without carrying around the whole bottle! By applying directly to the skin,
 not only is the fragrance stronger, but also less perfume or cologne will 
be wasted.  Available in 4 colors, Travalo Touch is perfect for any stylish travel maven. www.travalo.com 


Urgent Rx

We all need some kind of fast-acting over-the-counter meds every now and then, especially when on the road. Check out these space saving, convenient powders from Urgent Rx. Smaller than a credit card, these powders require no water, just pour directly into mouth for fast-acting relief of ailment such as heartburn, headaches, upset stomachs, allergies and more. www.UrgentRx.com



BonBlissBeauty Products


Amarte Daily ExfolioPowder


Travalo Touch


Urgent RX

Kimberly Fisher

Kimberly Fisher is a brand ambassador, lifestyle writer, media personality and Internet Entrepreneur. A luxury & travel expert, Kimberly has written for publications such as Haute Living, HuffingtonPost, JustLuxe, Ocean View Magazine, Sherman's Travel, Sunset Magazine, Travels.com and USAToday. She is a host at PopStyle TV, covering luxury events in New York City. You can always find her at www.Ki...(Read More)

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