5 Off beat Destinations Of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh can be said as the India’s heaven. It is a wonderful place filled with beauty all over. It is the northern part of India and is covered with beauty all around it. It has Jammu on one side and Punjab on the other which all give it a good pleasant environment. There are many famous places out of which we can see best 5 places mentioned here.


This is one of the topmost destinations one should never miss in his life time. Kullu is a wonderful valley which is filled with travellers all the year round. The beauty of the running water and raised white snow mountains are a great beauty to the place. It was said that this place is considered to be the end of the normal life which means this is just for relaxation and attaining peace. Peace is automatically attained when a person just looks the sceneries being there.


This is second top most destinations which are very near to Kullu. This place is fully filled with temples and greeneries. You can see fresh apple and cherry plants here and there. This place was said to be the land of saptharishis. The natural hot water spring which is found here is a nature’s wonder. There are a number of caves in which the olden saints used to meditate.


Shimla is assigned as the British capital during the British period. Now it is the capital of the state Himachal Pradesh. This cute chill city is covered by pine and oak trees. The two main attractions of the Shimla city is the colonial building arrangement and the historical railway travel. Apart from these there are numerous adventurous trekking places available in the Shimla. The well known landmark present in Shimla is the old Christ church which is availed with attractive stained glass windows.

Rohtang Pass:

The name Rohtang describes piles of corpses which means the people who are passing this Rohtang will die because of the extreme cold weather. The Rohtang is situated in the eastern part of the Himalayas. It connects the Kullu valley and the Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh. The rohtang pass lies in the watershed of the rivers Chenab, Chandra and beas basins. The ice mountain present in the Rohtang pass appears gigantically which gives an extraordinary feeling to most of the tourists. Nowadays the rohtang pass was largely restricted for the visitors to visit freely because of the terrorist issues.


Dalhousie is one of the best hill station for those visiting to India. It is the lesser explored area of Himachal Pradesh. Hence you can find more natural views and unspoiled sceneries over there. The Dalhousie is spread over 5 major hills. The hotels in Dalhousie are major attraction of the place. Just in a short distance from the Dalhousie the Kalatope Wildlife Sanctuary is situated, which is one more attraction for the place. Being a less explored area, travelling through Dalhousie and also for the Sanctuary needs permission from the local controllers. 

Apart from the above mentioned five major places there are so many attractive and important places available in Himachal Pradesh which is making it more incredible in the country. 


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