5 Things to Clean 15 Minutes Before Your Guests Arrive

Don't Ignore Your Couch Cushions

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Entertaining in your home is a very rewarding and enjoyable way to connect with friends and family. Whether it's in honor of a holiday or special event, hosting guests in your home is always a gratifying experience. 

That is, unless you find yourself wishing you had cleaned more. Don't find yourself with a room full of guests, wishing you had done more to prepare. Here are some essential last-minute tasks to get your home ready in the nick of time, so you can enjoy the party, and not worry about how your home looks. In the last 15 minutes before your guests arrive, remember these crucial cleaning tasks.

Couch Cushions

You've probably already tidied up the living room area, but it's always a good idea to go over the couch cushions one last time with a portable vacuum. This way any pet hair or crumbs that may have accumulated in the last day or so will be swept away, and the cushions will be more fluffy and inviting for your guests.

General Clutter

Since you did your last de-cluttering run, the mail has probably been delivered, and kids have come and gone, leaving toys and papers in their wake. Grab a laundry basket and go through each room your guests will be seeing. Throw anything that is not decorative or purposeful in the basket, and stow the basket away in a room that will not be used for the party. Don't forget to go through the basket later; otherwise you'll eventually end up with baskets of clutter all over your house.


Chances are you've spent the last hour -- or several hours -- in the kitchen, preparing snacks and beverages for your guests to enjoy. Give the impression that the party was effortless and organized by eliminating any evidence of your cooking extravaganza. After you've put away your dishes and displayed the goodies, give the countertops a good wipe down. Keep a bottle of Rock Doctor granite cleaner around for times like these. Any residue from your cooking frenzy will be gone. Guests will marvel at your cooking skills, and pay no attention to the work that went into it.

Television Set

How many times have you had friends over or hosted a party, and sat down with your guests in the living room only to see that you forgot to dust the TV? Since TVs emit so much static electricity, they are the perfect magnets for dust and dander. Give your set a good wipe down before the party kicks off, and keep the focus on good times instead of your dust-laden TV. 

The Trash Bin

Intermittently throughout the party, you'll want to go around the house and collect any trash items like napkins, paper plates and utensils people are finished using. To make it easier on yourself, make sure to take out the trash before the guests arrive. This is a good one to leave for the last 15 minutes because you'll likely be filling it up as you clean, de-clutter and prepare the food. The last thing you want your guests to see is you taking out a bulging, stinky trash bin 10 minutes into the party. Change out the trash, and spray the inside of the bin with cleaning spray before everyone gets there. This will get rid of any unpleasant odor left, and ensure a clean-smelling kitchen.

Make sure to hit all these spots, and your party will surely be a success. Guests will leave thinking what an organized, enjoyable host you are, and will anxiously awaiting an invitation to your next shindig.



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