5 Tips For Healthier Looking Skin

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If you’re someone who thinks having young and beautiful skin is just a dream, wake up. Wake up knowing there are plenty of natural solutions and available products to receiving the results you’ve always wanted when it comes to having and maintaining gorgeous skin. Are you doing the best you can for healthy skin? If not, try a few tips given below and keep in mind it might take a week or longer to begin seeing results.

Say Goodbye The Natural Way

Drinking water is one of the natural remedies to healthy skin. Wrinkles become less pronounced as water helps eliminate and wash away waste and toxins. Drinking two glasses of water a day, although it is recommended to drink up to eight, will get you well on your way to the desired look. The easiest way to get into a good habit is drinking a glass of water in the morning along with coffee or tea. Try to sneak in another glass around lunch or snack time and once again at dinner. Several people like to carry bottled water or water jugs, which is a wonderful idea as well. Plus, you’ll cut down a bit on calories as people tend to mistake eating for dehydration. After about a week you should begin to notice a change.

Downfall To Smoking

Smoking, as we all know, is an awful habit full of many risks and unhealthy side effects. If you avoid smoking, you’ll also avoid “smoker’s lines” from forming around your upper lips, eyes, forehead and cheeks. For example, nicotine from smoke affects passageways in the face and reduces the amount of oxygen it gets. If you are a smoker and are beginning to notice lines, consult your dermatologist for the best skin product. If quitting cigarettes is on your to-do list, perhaps this might help you get a jump start.

Exfoliate and Cleanse Regularly

Maintaining clean skin by gradually introducing exfoliation into your morning or night ritual is a great start to having a fresh complexion. While exfoliating only has to take place once or twice a week (depending on skin type), cleansing and make-up removing should occur every day. If you want to determine your skin type, check out Dermalogica to determine which brand is best for you. You can make your own exfoliating product at home in a very easy and inexpensive way or you can purchase exfoliating masks from the local store. Masks attach all the dead cells on your skin and is taken off once the mask dries.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils can do wonders for your skin if used regularly. The nutrients are natural and aim to help balance our entire wellbeing. You can research online which essential oils work best for your skin type. For example if you have normal skin, you can purchase a tea tree oil or lotion from Wholefoods. Lavender is known to give oily skin a healthy boost just like Jasmine essential oil is for sensitive skin. You can also try a facial steam bath at home. Bring water to a boil and pour into a large bowl. Add a few drops of essential oils (ideal for your skin), place a towel over your head and bowl, allowing steam to cover the face evenly and thoroughly.

You Are What You Eat

Maintaining a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water are the obvious answers to having healthful skin but here are a few key items you might want to incorporate into your diet if you aren’t already. Omega-3s are tremendously important to our skin as our skin has barriers to help retain moisture and that barrier contains Omega-3 fatty acids. Try adding flaxseed, salmon and walnuts to your diet to increase an intake of Omega-3 and moisturize skin. Mixing in plenty of fruits and vegetables to your diet will help make you feel better and will also give skin a healthy and natural golden glow so eat plenty of fresh reds, greens and orange foods.

Lora is a freelance lifestyle, food and beauty writer living in New York City and travels globally.

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