5 Trends that Boost the Popularity of Space-Inspired Watches

Space-Inspired Watch

Creative and ingenious or plain and simple weird – the space-inspired luxury watches can appeal or repel today’s consumers! What makes the intergalactic models the buzz of the day? Different characteristics contribute to the popularity of these high-end timepieces.

Let’s take a look at the trends that boost the popularity of the space-themed watches.

Celebrations of Space Adventures

A flight into space, a lunar quest, a mission to Mars – the landmarks in space travel and adventure have been celebrated by the prestigious watch houses such as Omega and the independent master watchmakers such as Bernhard Lederer. The timepieces also celebrate innovations in horology.

Omega launched its Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch in its Apollo-Soyuz variant in 2010 to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the space adventure commissioned by the US and USSR. Featuring a meteorite dial, the limited edition piece was a charming timepiece.

Inspired by Yuri Gagarin’s space flight in 1961, and the design of the Vostok space capsule, Bernhard Lederer created the Gagarin Tourbillon. Another limited piece meant for the uber rich, the 60-second flying tourbillon takes 108 minutes (the time Gagarin took to orbit the earth) to orbit the dial counter.

Components from Outer Space

Planets, satellites, meteors, asteroids, space shuttles, spacesuits – the places and things from which the watch houses source the materials to create the timepieces sure does add to their appeal.

A classic example of this trend is the Moon Dust DNA range from Romain Jerome. With actual moon dust, the dial features the cratered look of the moon’s surface complete with the rover tracks that create the signature ‘x’. The Apollo XI space shuttle parts buried in the dial remind you of aliens from space and the spacesuit fibers are used for the strap.

When a watch features rocks from four celestial bodies, it is a rare piece. This is the reason behind the exclusivity of the Louis Moinet Astralis that incorporates particles from the Moon, Mercury, Mars and an asteroid and has a 24 hour disc, a tourbillon and a chronograph.

A Stylized Avatar of the Spacecraft

A mini spaceship on your wrist – if you love all things weird, the watches inspired by the space-bound vehicles are sure to impress you. Romain Jerome specializes in these pieces. Be it the miniature Spacecraft or the Moon Orbital Tourbillon that takes after the Apollo 11 space shuttle, Romain Jerome transforms the flights of fantasy into reality.

Simplifying the concept of the spacecraft, the Azimuth SP-1 Spaceship showcases a minute marker that resembles a rocket and a disc that tells the time. The dial, reminiscent of the night sky studded with stars, provides a view of our home planet.

If steampunk is your style, the WX-1 from DeWitt is the spaceship you are sure to choose. With a tourbillon on the side, a compass style time display and a hidden compartment that incorporates the complex mechanical movement and the barrels, this timepiece is one of a kind. Well, there are only 33 pieces of this model; so it's very close to this description!

Complications Relevant to Space

A watch that can be worn in space or that has complications relevant to intergalactic activities is something to cherish for a connoisseur. The Seiko Spacewalk, worn by Richard Garriot on his walk in space, is a great favorite among collectors. 

Inspired by the planetary movement and the time-space correlation, Jean-Francois Mojon designed the Opus X for Harry Winston. The charm of this watch is in the way it depicts time in a fluid manner with the rotational movement of the indicators on the revolving frame, evocative of the celestial movements of the solar system.

In honor of the focal point of the solar system, the sun, Frédéric Jouvenot designed the Helios. The 12 radio-concentric sunbeams on the dial display the hours while the moon at the center shows the minutes.

Awesome Space-Inspired Aesthetics

You can appreciate the spell of the luxury watches that translate the ethereal beauty of a star-encrusted night sky into a reality for the wrist only if such a night inspires you to fall in love, be it the star-studded universe on the case back of the Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon or the effervescent discs with diamond markers on the dial of the Blu Galaxy.

For individuals attracted to only the weird and the eccentric, the Cyrus Klepcys Mars is the ideal choice. In honor of the Red planet, the watch has an orb on the dial that displays the day and night cycle of Mars.

Moonstruck from the watch house of Ulysse Nardin looks like it was designed by someone from the moon. However, its aesthetics are not the only reason for its popularity. With a display of the movement of the moon around the earth, the watch also showcases the sun and moon’s gravitational impact on earth.

The space-inspired luxury watches do have qualities that boost their reputation.


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