500 year old mural paintings and Orient's artistic revelation

Arges Monastery


With a short but impressive past, the Winter Royal Palace continues to captivate the visitors inclusively with its exhibitions, collections and treasure.

Throughout May 26 the temporary highlights of the heritage works on display include 32 fragments of frescoes from Curtea de Arges Monastery (nearly half of millennium old); the silver shrine reproducing the church architecture; the caftan of Neagoe Basarab; and exhibited for the first time ever, 47 Oriental theme drawings, graphic works and watercolors created by the father of the modern Romanian watercolor, Carol Popp de Szathmari.

The special scenography includes a film projection of the restoration process and a touch screen allowing access to sketches made in 1860 at Curtea de Arges by the painter Gheorghe Tattarescu.

For the most curious guests, the one day guided exploration of the museum’s galleries can be followed by a ride just to the legendary monastery with an optional stop for a private visit of the plant where the national car (whose latest models are more and more appreciated abroad) is made.

Cristina Paraschiv

Personal travel concierge and designer of exquisite experiences in Romania, Kryss has extensive knowledge about this less known destination. For the last over 18 years spent in hospitality field she enjoyed exploring countries like Malta, Germany, Austria and Czech Republic as much as revealing to others where and when to come on her native land to get the utmost of the still lively traditions, ...(Read More)

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