7 things you should know before visiting Hawaii

Hawaii Images

Hawaii Images

Before visiting Hawaii, just like any other part of the world or Island, you should some factors in to consideration and this is to mean, one should gather as relevant information as possible. We are going to explore some of vital aspects you should know before visiting Hawaii.


The trend in Hawaii is casual, in rare and exceptional cases that you will see someone with a neck tie or formal wear. It is a notorious fact to everyone that Hawaiian or Aloha shirts are bright in color and fitting tracks shirts worn by everyone visiting any tropical destination.


The standard US 110-120 volts, 60 cycles AC is used by Hawaii

Every island is unique

One would be forgiven for the first time if he/she thought that all the Islands are the same. This can be justified since they are in the same state and are closer to each other. Tourists mostly visit six Islands of Hawaii; Maui, Lanai, Oahu, Kauai and Molokai. These Islands are both culturally different and also naturally distinct from each other.

Money Matters

The US standard currency is used Hawaii and Visa, master card, American express and all major international credit cards are also used in Hawaii. There are ATMs, banks and all cash machines in the banks and other stores convenient for you. However, upon withdrawal, one is to pay a surcharge. In case you are from a foreign nation and you need US currency, it is so expensive to convert your money, alternatively, you should check out if your ATM is allowed. This will enable you to avoid the use of travelers’ checks and exchanging money.

Vaccinations and Pets

Pets are not required neither for you nor your family because animals are strictly put on quarantine; this quarantine subjection is even bound to be longer than your own vacation.


The Hawaiian weather is good and perfect for a better part of the year. Some times rains are heavy and at some months it’s hot.

There is no such as a good time to visit Hawaii, you can visit there any time of the year and you will never regret ever visiting there. Hawaii has two peak seasons for tourist; June to August and the other is December through February, these months, the Islands are always crowded with tourists and prices are exorbitant. 

Time Differences

The time for Hawaii is one day earlier than the continent of Asia and the same time with the mainland. California is two hours behind Hawaii, Philadelphia is five hours behind Hawaii, and London is ten hours late than Hawaii. Since day time saving is not observed, Hawaii is three hours earlier than California and Philadelphia is six hours late than Hawaii during the summer season.

It is always important to know more about the place that you are visiting so that you can plan things accordingly.

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