7 Ways to Improve Your Computer Desk

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Since you spend hours and hours sitting in front of the computer, you might as well make it as comfortable as you can to maximize your productivity. As you may have already realized, there are some things you want and need within your reach while working.

Below are some tips to help you improve your computer desk for added functionality. 

One: Install a height adjustment mechanism. This trick will enable you or your kids to use to use the table with your preferred height. Often, we see chairs with height adjustments but it never fully satisfies some of our needs. A simple screw mechanism can make a huge difference for added comfort.

Two: Make it food-friendly. Especially for busy people, the work space often doubles as a dining table. So the best way to go about improving your computer desk is to have cup and food holders on it to ensure that you don’t mess up your documents with spilt food or drinks. Add a bin so you can easily dispose your trash after you have finished eating. 

Three: Add shelves. Normally, items such as pens, pencils, ruler, and calculator are all piled up on top of your desk right next to mounds of papers and folders. Before you know it, you can barely see your table top from all the things you have on your desk. The easiest way to avoid this is to add shelves below your desk so they don’t have to eat up spaces which are supposedly for your monitor and keyboard. Another option is to place the shelves on the side ends of the desk. 

Four: Put on some music. Some people just can’t work well without music. Put up a decent sound system on your desk to help you manage your work load. The setup you can follow is an integrated hi-fi system installed on the table frame for space-saving purposes. Do not place it on the shelves or inside the cabinets since you need these for your papers and supplies. Give your music a place of its own. 

Five: Organize your wires. Wires are always difficult to organize. But it can be done. Choose a desk that offers a space for your wires to pass through. Make sure the space is big enough so that no electrical wiring gets short circuit. As much as possible, tie them together so it doesn’t look cluttered. 

Six: You need a keyboard tray. This is important to keep your hands, wrists and arms free from injuries. The proper height of the keyboard must be elbow-level. Most keyboard trays should be around 28-30 inches from the floor so that it doesn’t cause unnecessary strain on your wrists.

Seven: Keep a cleaning kit inside one of your drawers. Since you work, eat and probably take naps on your desk, make sure you keep it clean at all times. Cotton cloths, cleansing sprays and feather dusters might come in handy.  

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