A Brief History of Fashion Weeks

Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty

Human nature dictates that we flock to those who are similar to ourselves, so the creation of fashion weeks, where fashionistas around the globe head to one location to catch the latest and greatest in the industry makes a lot of sense. Read about how it all began at the link below.


In the late twentieth century, fashion week became the standard name for biannual or annual trade fairs and fashion shows. For high-end designers’ biannual presentations, the term collections has been widely used; for example, the Paris Collections or the Tokyo Collections, and the Moscow fairs that started in 2002 are identified by the abbreviation CPM (Collection Première Moscow, organized by Igedo). Trade fairs have been known by a number of different names; in the 1970s, Hong Kong Fashion Week was called a Ready-to-Wear Festival. Read More

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