A Clever Way to Identify Yourself

Have you ever found yourself in a large group of strangers and were expected to interact socially?  For some, this would not present a problem.  They are socially adapted to such situations.  The idea of meeting strangers presents an exciting prospect for them.

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On the other hand, there are those who have difficulty taking the initiative to meet new people.  A little thing like asking a person’s name can cause feelings of trepidation in some people.  For those who cannot easily generate conversations with new people, the use of lapel pins is a lifesaver.  It may not seem to be much, but it can make a huge difference in breaking the ice for those people who are more introverted.

Break the ice

A name tag may seem insignificant, but think about what it does for some people.  

In situations where there are a lot of people, it eliminates the need for excessive introductions.  A name tag with the person’s name and job title actually relieves them from having to navigate the beginning phases of communication, and it brings them right into the conversation as if, at the very least, they were acquaintances.

Announce achievements

Another appeal to this seemingly insignificant accessory is that it discreetly announces a level of achievement by the wearer without being braggadocios.

They are often used to recognise employees and their rank in a company.  

Commonlylapel pinsare worn in the office environment; however, more and more people are wearing them in public.  This is an effective tool to advertise your business or organisation.  It entices more people to come forward and ask you about your work.  Their use at trade shows and other publicly attended places can draw a lot of attention to your company.

Specially designed badgescan be used to reward loyal employees or customers.  Imagine the amount of promotion you will get from just one badge at an annual festival or sporting event with just one lapel card.  You may not be actively promoting your event, but your badge will always be working for you.

Brings awareness to your cause

These identifying markers for a company can go a long way, but they are not limited to just having a few lapel badges and pins made.  Personalised gift items can be a great boost for employee moral and boost the company’s image at the same time. Imagine how effective something like an awareness pin can do for a public charity.  

Think of the pink ribbon used for breast cancer awareness as an example.  It is a symbol that is recognised all over the world.  The statement is clear, and that symbol has become the guiding light for many women.  There is no need for anyone to explain its purpose or its cause.  Every time someone puts that ribbon on it identifies the organisation and its cause.  That small pin turned out to be a phenomenal promotional move.

So no matter what your organisation stands for, whether it is a business, a sorority or a charity, the use of these badges and pins clearly can make a difference in the level of advertising and promotion of your cause.


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