A Fun Thread on Fashion Rules

Olivia via

This was just a really fun thread to read through, everybody is talking about their seemingly arbitrary fashion rules. Mine? I don't believe men should wear sleeveless tops in public.


As y’all know, the beautiful higher ups at xoJane let me have a little baby soapbox to sit on and scream about fashion and being weird and stuff. It’s really nice of them.

That said, when I found out I could write for the site, I RAN WITH IT. I decided that I KNEW SHIT, I have made a few really crazy rules for clothes that you may or may not give two boiled turtles about. Some are universal (Birkenstocks are not cool) some are arguable (Crocs can be rocked, when they have to be) and some are just downright bullshit (I don’t care what anybody says, vintage band T-shirts are fucking stupid and you were a spermling the last time that band played a decent set.)

Here are a few of my rules: Read More


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