Wedding planning in a nutshell

As such a wedding is termed as an event but a lot of sentiments are attached to this event making it all the more a sensitive event to handle where emotions are concerned. There are organizations that help to make this event of your life even more beautiful. Wedding and event planner Sydney have their work cut out for them when they take up an assignment of planning a wedding. The wedding coordinator can attend to the venue, menu, styling and invitations, RSVP management and a dedicated kid’s crèche to top it! The wedding and event planner Sydney can organize any wedding at any stage, all of it or just a part of it. They are versatile in their operations. The better ones always encourage free and unlimited communication with the client. They believe this paves the way for the success of the event. As most couples these days are stressed with career pressures and time constraints, they are opting for wedding coordinators to plan and organize their weddings. It saves the hassle of attending to all the minute details to make the day perfect and then not being able to enjoy it when the day arrives. At the first meeting with the wedding and event planner Sydney, a budget and certain ideas are discussed, which becomes the first step to begin work. The budget may be altered accordingly along the way. The wedding coordinator will then source the wedding ceremony location, wedding suppliers, products and services. Wedding coordinators are popular also with those planning a destination wedding wherein the complicated documentation and paperwork can be taken care of by the planner. He or she coordinates and manages the contracts, bookings, deposits, and payments for vendors and suppliers. They organize the ceremony, reception and photography locations and the photographer.  They also provide advice on etiquette and wedding traditions which can be quite helpful for the uninitiated. In next towards organizing a hitch free wedding, they develop a wedding run sheet listing the events of the day in the order in which they should occur. It allows for a more relaxed and stress free wedding for both the couple as well as the guests.

The wedding coordinator develops the supplier contact list and distributes to all participants and suppliers. This enhances coordination while working together on an event. The wedding coordinator designs a unique and personal styling for the wedding day as per the wishes of the couple. They work out the floor plans and seating arrangements.  The menu is an important aspect of the wedding. The wedding coordinator assists with the tasting and selection of a good menu and the wedding cake.  They may also provide assistance with the bridal gowns, bridesmaids shopping, grooms suits, shopping, design and fitting. Wedding planners assist with creating and tracking the budget of the client. They relieve the stress of wedding planning to the extent of being present and helpful on the big day till the last minute. A lot of tiny details require attention on the wedding day like party crashers, wardrobe malfunctions, music delays, lighting glitches, getting the photographer to capture the best shots etc. and this is where their ability to handle problems comes into play.  They coordinate the itinerary of the entire day and help in pack up of venue including gifts and cake. 

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Once the wedding coordinator is hired, the couple can relax and enjoy their most important day without having to worry about t he minute details. This article has been written to provide a bird’s eye view of all the aspects that go into planning a good wedding. For more Information please visit here:


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