A Guide to Pearl Jewellery

Jersey Pearl

When you think of pearl jewellery, perhaps you think of that classic pearl necklace seen in the iconic photo of Audrey Hepburn or maybe you imagine a delicate pearl bracelet? Either way, pearl jewellery is iconic but also timeless and there’s no doubt that a piece of pearl jewellery really adds something special to your jewellery collection.

When picking a new piece of jewellery, there are a few different options when it comes to pearls so it’s helpful to know the differences between them.

Natural pearls: Natural pearls occur in the wild and tend to be quite rare. When the pearls are hunted, they are then cleaned up and made into jewellery. Natural pearls tend to be beautifully iridescent and because they are wild they will be shaped differently to each other. Natural pearls tend to be very expensive because they are rare and difficult to come across.

Pros: Beautiful, investment pieces that are all unique. Cons: Very rare, expensive.


Cultured pearls: Cultured pearls are grown under controlled conditions which means they will have a perfect shape, are luminous and will be cleaned and bleached before being made into jewellery. Cultured pearls are uniform in shape but are also more affordable depending on their size.

Pros: More affordable, come in a range of sizes. Cons: Uniformed look to the pearls.


Freshwater pearls: Freshwater pearls can either be natural or cultured and they occur in mussels. Freshwater cultured pearls can be pricey, but if the pearls themselves are quite small in size then the price is kept quite affordable.


Saltwater pearls: Saltwater pearls can also be either natural or cultured and they occur in oysters.


Cultured butterfly pearl necklace £229.90

This gorgeous necklace from Orchira is a feminine and delicate take on the traditional pearl necklace. With pink cultured pearls, this necklace is secured with a butterfly shaped clasp and is a modern twist on the classic.


Jersey Pearl Emma-Kate Filigree Pendant £69.00I

If you’re looking for something a little vintage inspired and still a timeless, classic piece of jewellery then this filigree pendant available from Silver Treee will be for you. A simple silver chain holds the stunning freshwater pearl. This piece truly captures the charm of the Art Nouveau era.


Freshwater Pearl Pendant £69.95

This design from Jacqueline Shaw is adds a really contemporary touch and is made with a freshwater pearl on a silver base with white gold finish. With sleek lines, this necklace is a touch of elegance.


Cultured butterfly pearl necklace L229.90
Jacqueline Shaw

Freshwater Pearl Pendant L69.95


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