A Guide to the world's best super cars

For motor heads, it is always a fantasy to be the proud owner of your own supercar. A prestige really only available to the rich and famous including sports stars, celebrities, music stars and film producers. So how would you really define a Supercar? I guess the most appropriate way to define these elite cars would be in terms of performance, being ultra cool and superfast. Some manufacturers claim that their supercar will outrace Formula 1 cars and even claim to be the fastest car in world. Whatever we feel qualifies a car as the ultimate supercar, complete luxury being super cool and expensive are 3 things you can be certain of. Here we look at some of the world’s most recognised supercars.

1. The Lamborghini Veneo

This amazing supercar will set you back £3 million. Topping speeds of 220mph and with a 750 horsepower engine, Ferrari claim the Veneo is the fastest supercar that they have ever built. The Veneo actually takes its name from one of the most aggressive fighting bulls ever. Only 3 models have been made and all have been sold! No doubt that as far as supercar fame goes; The Veneo is definitely worthy of the title.

2. The Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti super sport version was actually named the fastest street legal car in the word with a top speed of 267 mph. With its super car status; the Bugatti Veyron set the record for the fastest roadster in the world at the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse on the 6th of April, 2013. With a vote of confidence from Jeremy Clarkson as the car of the decade from 2000-2009, there is no doubt that the Bugatti is the complete supercar.

 3. Ferrari F40

The F40 was introduced in 1987 and had the accolade of being the fastest car that Ferrari had sold at the present time. Despite its age, the Ferrari is still acknowledged as one the world’s best and most recognised supercars. This title is further endorsed by Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson who claims that the Ferrari F40 is the best supercar ever.

4. Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is still widely regarded as one of the best supercars ever made. The Porsche continues to be widely acclaimed as the original supercar of the past and most likely the future. The 911 has seen its diversity through constant modifications allowing it to pursue racing, rallying and other forms of automotive competitions. Its status as one of the ultimate supercars is further enforced by being one of the most successful competition cars ever made.

5. MacLaren F1

TheMcLaren F1was designed by and manufactured by McLaren Automotive. The F1 has earned its title of being one of the world’s best and well known supercars having broken many speed records in its time. It has also had a major impact on car design around the world. A total of 106 McLaren F1’s have been made with production ending in 1998. Manufactured by Formula ones McLaren, the F1 actually claimed the prise of recording the fastest speed in the world for a road car in March 1998 topping a speed of 243 mph. There is no doubt the F1 thoroughly deserves its recognition of being one of the world’s most iconic supercars.

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