A Luxury Break in Capri

First, a pronunciation lesson. The name of this small, glamorous island just off the Bay of Naples in the Tyrrhenian Sea, accessible from the Amalfi Coast, should be said as KAH-pree – without putting the emphasis at the end. Now you’re speaking like an Italian.

When to go?

July and August are crazy months for this popular island. Boat trips come in from Naples, Sorrento and nearby islands and it can get very busy. Beyond the peak months, however, the tourist season stretches from March to October. After this period, restaurants and hotels tend to close, although of course the island will be calmer and a lovely experience if you are looking for a quiet hangout. Once must also keep in mind that in the winter season, boat crossings are often cancelled due to rough weather.

What to see and do?

For some luxury shopping, wander the narrow streets of the city of Capri: head to the more expensive boutiques at Via Camerelle. After a hard day’s shopping, pause at a cafe on the fashionable Piazzetta for some celebrity-spotting.

Take your luxury motor boat to the Green Grotto and dive off from your boat, marvelling at the emerald glow of the water. The better known Blue Grotto is also worth visiting but much busier and it’s not possible to swim there.

To experience a touch of sophisticated sun-worshipping, visit the bathing club of La Canzone del Mare in the Bay of Marina Piccola. Afterwards have some lunch in the restaurant that looks out over the Faraglioni Rocks, sea stacks that have even been given their own names: Stella, Mezzo and Scopolo.

Take a bus up to the beautiful August Gardens, built on a Roman ruin. The view from here is gorgeous - ragged coastline and rocks jutting up from the sea. To return, wander back down Via Krupp - a feat of engineering and world famous for its amazing hairpin bends. Views of the coast are to be had the whole way down.

Where to stay

Treat yourself to a stay at the elegant four star Excelsior Parco Hotel. Built in 1906, this villa has been restored to its original condition, in the Liberty style (not unlike Art Nouveau). You’ll be treated to a drink of your choice on arrival and there’s even free wifi.

The Hotel Minerva is a small, charming hotel in the centre of Capri town, very near Via Camerelle but also having views to the sea from its light-filled lobby. The service is very special and the fresh Mediterranean decor will impress.

Where to eat

As you’re in Italy, you’ll have to have a gelato - and the place for this in Capri is at the Buonocore Gelateria. Besides sumptuous ice creams served on freshly made waffle cones, there’s a range of sandwiches and desserts available.

At the foot of the Faraglioni, La Fontelina is an extremely high quality restaurant that specialises in seafood. Sangria is also (surprisingly) worth trying in this beautifully situated eatery.

Why Capri

With its proximity to the Neapolitan Riviera, beautiful weather, memorable gelato and an impressive coastline, a luxury holiday in Capri will not disappoint! 

When not travelling about, Julie Mc Namee writes about travel on her blogs. She also occassionally writes for Spa Travel, an online agency offering Spa Breaks, Hotel accommodation and other travel arrangements.  


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