A Renter's Guide to Moving

Moving is never any fun. It is a task that renters often go through when the rent goes up or the property gets sold, or they just found something that fits their needs better. There are some things though that renters can do to help the moving process become easier on them, whether it is across town or across the country.

Effective Packing

The first step in any move is packing. This can be an overwhelming thought as you look through rooms and rooms of stuff you have accumulated over the years. The first step is to decide what has been used and what hasn't. Anything that hasn't been used in the last 6 months can go away. It is up to you what to do with your unused items, whether they get sold or given away. The important thing is that what that does not need to go to the new place does not get to the new place.


After it has been determined what is used and what is not, then it is time to start packing what you want to take with you. The first thing to do is to get boxes; these can be bought through a moving company or most grocery stores have some empty boxes that they are more than willing to give away. Liquor stores are another business where they stockpile empty boxes that they will give to people who need them. Liquor store boxes also often vary in size, so you can get some big ones, some small ones and some in-between.

Once you have all of the boxes, then you need to start filling them. Start in any room and just do that one room. Get all of the things that you will most likely not use until the move packed first, and then leave out only what you absolutely need. Once you have a box full, tape it shut and use a sharpie marker to write which room the box is from. This will make unpacking the boxes much easier. Once the room is packed, if you have the space, just leave the boxes in that room so that they are organized and easy to find.

How to Move

In the weeks before the move, you should get fully prepared. The main thing you need to do is to have some form of transportation lined up and ready to go. The ideal thing to do is to find a moving truck or a moving trailer. The only way to get through moving with the least amount of stress is to make one trip from the old place to the new one. You are also going to need help moving. You should expect to need at least two men to lift the furniture and some of the boxes, and you need to be sure your helpers are all lined up and ready to go when you need them.

On the day of the move, or even the night before moving day, you should start packing everything else. Toiletries and other essential things that you have left out should be packed up and ready to go. Before your helpers get there, you can start hauling boxes and the lighter things out to the truck to maximize your time and resources. Once help arrives, then you should make sure that everything is put into the truck by the room. Then when you get to the new place, you can unload the truck room by room, which streamlines the entire moving process.

It is simple to make a move stress free. The main tool that anyone can use when moving is time management. As long as you know how to maximize your time and your resources, then you are on a fast track to a stress free, simple move.

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