First of all, I love Polo, I love to watch Polo, I adore to play Polo, for me it is the best sport ever.

Last weekend I attended a polo event in Budapest. And it was simply perfect. It is the atmosphere, the people the horses and way people talk to each other full of respect and harmony.

The sport itself, for those who do not know the rules in details. It is really comparable to running an aviation company.

You have the team (your employees) then you have the horse (the industry) while there are opponents (competitors) outside and the goal is to hit a goal (get the deal).

While everything moves you have to be sure to hit the ball in the right moment, not before and not after, otherwise no hit :-) . The horse has to go in your direction and the team has to position itself in the right place. While you think the point is on your side and you are ready to hit the goal, the game turns and your opponents are heading towards their target. So go ahead and get the ball back on a fast moving dangerous horse, that if not under control kick you off and the game continues without you.

It is good to play polo and then before one goes to bed one round majong and all the competitors will have to worry. This post is dedicated to Uwe and Christina, Luca Labatt (6 goals), to Dita and Achim and Michael and Julio, the best polo player in the world.


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