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As a city that never sleeps, Hong Kong is home to both superb wine tours and beer samplings. It isn't difficult to find a bar well-stocked with sake, whiskey or even mezcal, but only now is wine beginning to make a splash outside of high-end eateries. Wine bars are opening on the island almost daily, bringing Semillon, Chablis, Pinot Noir and Syrah to a very appreciative population. Here are the best places to quench your thirst the next time the grape calls:

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La Fromagerie

Subscribing to the KISS ethos, this current entry to the wine bar scene has a program of rotating Gallic wines and cheeses, supplemented by a similarly tight menu of items like steak tartare. Run by a French expat, this charming little spot is a cozy spot to indulge in your favorite Cotes du Rhone while going face down in a dissolving Comte.


Cochin Delicatessen

A store, bar and eatery, Cochin extends along the lower portion of Peel Road in the vogue netherworld between the regions of Sheung Wan and Central. Culinary specialist Renaud Marin concocts food so French it hurts. You'll discover lamb pot au feu and Brittany red mullet with confit lemon gremolata, and a really phenomenal cheddar program imported from the famous Marchand Siblings. Stay for the wine list; it has a great scope of by-the-glass alternatives for those who jump at the chance to sample several different bottles. 

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The Hong Kong branch of the Sydney enoteca adheres admirably to the equation of wine-with-nourishment. However, we're here for the wine and it conveys in spades. The eatery focuses on Italian drops with a skew towards low-intercession and biodynamic bottles. It can be an arcane subject, so definitely ask the sommelier for his recommendations of the day. 

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Divino Wine Bar and Eatery

They claim to have the largest catalogue of wines by the glass of any free administrator in Hong Kong. With eight versions of Champagne, 18 whites and 27 reds we're in no position to contend. The selection is immense, worldwide, and moderately priced, and it also includes a page of cheat notes about food pairings. The Italian menu is a wine-accommodating archive, with delicious works of art like the Vitello tonnato and an A to Z list of pasta.

La Cabane

La Cabane plunges profound into its normal wine brief with a list displaying around 200 French wines, with many coming from ultra-boutique makers. Set in a French provincial chic atmosphere, it's a favorite among wine-adoring expats. The menu is Gallic for all intents and purposes. Singed frogs' legs, snails and mushrooms on fricasseed potato, boudin noir and root vegetables are all par for the course. This place even welcomes you if you love Gotham Cigars. A sparkling glass of red, white or pink wine along with a classic cigar is what they call a royal retreat.

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Tai Ping Shan

208 Duecento Otto

A New York-style Italian eatery in a previous meat stockpiling distribution center, this en vogue spot is best in class in Tai Ping Shan. The pizza has even been credentialed by the AVPN (also called the Naples-based pizza police) and maintains a globetrotting wine list with a heart in Italy. Upstairs you'll find an ultra-cozy lounge area where you can pull up a chair in the humming bar territory for a bowl of pasta and a glass of nebbiolo.

Wan Chai

Ham and Sherry

In the event that strong wine is your thing, Ham and Sherry is the place to be. Culinary specialist Jason Atherton makes a case for Asia's greatest sherry list, with 50 marks of all assortments and styles, and the Spanish-drenched wine list is the genuine article. Simply line up the plates of jamon and keep it coming.

Le Quinze Vins

Initially opened in Paris, this ultra-credible wine shop/bar takes advantage of the island's craving for everything French and drinkable. It's certifiably a wine bar, so don't come expecting a full supper. However, Le Quinze Vins will keep the appetite throbs under control with platters of charcuterie and cheddar.

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