A workstation which puts the fun into 9-5

Spending hours in front of a computer screen whilst at the office is not everyone’s idea of fun. The chairs which a company has might have a broken back and the seat can be lumpy. If a chair has been used by many other employees, the lever which adjusts how tall a chair is might be unpredictable or not work altogether. Even when a chair is sat on, the workstation that you use might be too small or very large and, therefore, you don’t feel comfortable. However, you will enjoy working when sat behind one particular workstation which has to be seen in order to be believed.


Operating a computer doesn’t have to be strenuous


The Emperor 200 Luxury Workstation takes comfort to a completely different level. Unlike any other computer chair which you’ve sat on before, the Emperor 200 Luxury Workstation has a very comfortable seat. Clad in luxurious leather, the chair has a very similar appearance to what Bill Gates might have in his home. The chair is also positioned at an angle which enables you to sit comfortably but pay full attention to what is on-screen.


Three screens surround the seating unit. Perfect when you want to look at a considerable amount of information at once, the Emperor 200 Luxury Workstation’s multiple screens, which have a touch screen option, are very convenient for editors who want to look at a lot of footage at once.


Sounds great - anything else?


The whole of the Emperor 200 Luxury Workstation is motorised. If you aren’t happy with the angle of the chair and you want to give your back more support, this can be done at the touch of a button. If you want to sit back and relax in-between working, the chair can be moved as far back as you want it to.


A work surface is on the Emperor 200 Luxury Workstation which enables you to have a keyboard and a mouse. As the monitors can be positioned at eye level, you will be able to work on a very large project and your attention can concentrate on the screens which are directly in front of you. Right next to where a keyboard can be placed is a drink holder. Therefore, a cup of strong black coffee or an energy drink can be close by to help you meet an imminent deadline.


Available in a variety of colours, such as black and grey, the Emperor 200 Luxury Workstation is the ultimate item of equipment for businesses who want to transform their office space.


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