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AAFT Resource Centre at Mumbai Launched
By: sanjay shah   |    March 21, 2013   |   0 Comments (0) (0)

Endorsing the value of social obligation for its students first and others next, the Asian Education Group (AEG) has set up its Resource Centre in Mumbai, the Mecca of Indian films, to exploit the best of available facilities in film production and news journalism offices and assist in placing the students into employable mode. The Centre will have a section headed by a director who will be responsible for monitoring the vacancies in the film industry, television news channels and print media and efforts will be to block them for the deserving students of the various career education institutions run under the umbrella of AEG. To facilitate the academic support system, the Centre will hold workshops, one-on-one sessions with peers and professionals, as well as a variety of events. Not only this our students pursuing film courses will get a chance to shoot in a few Mumbai studios to get the feel of the real world. This Centre will have all the modern amenities and serve as the ultimate resource centre to provide a wide range of information on films, television, radio and print media.
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