Accessorise Your House and Make it a Home

Turning a house into a home takes a little bit of work and a lot of imagination. It is usually the little things that make a big difference - a tasteful artwork in the corner, a squiggly vase on the mantlepiece, or a set of pots and pans that match your kitchen colours. If you find yourself a tad uninspired, here are a few directions you can take on your homemaking fantasy flight and give your place that unique and comfortable feel.

Turn on the lights

Getting the brightness and colour of your home lighting just right is always a great place to start. There is nothing more impersonal and cold than naked bulbs or plain white or transparent lamp shades. Look for different colourful designs and find the patterns which speak to you as a home owner and an aesthete. If your flat or house are blessed with big windows and a lot of natural light, match the drapes with the lamp shades for a harmonious feel. Even better, if you feel creative and capable, load up on plain shades and cloth and create your own designs with water colour, textile dye, and glass markers.

Your source of food for the body and the soul

We are talking about the kitchen, of course. Coming home after a long work day, this is your first stop to get some nourishment and energy, so it is important you give it a welcoming, home feel. Paint the walls an appropriate colour: green provides calmness while yellow refreshes the atmosphere instantly. Pick your crockery and cutlery to match, either in the same colour or in a different shade to create an ensemble feel. Look for some unique kitchen utensils which match your style to give your kitchen a unique flavour.

The living room as an art gallery

Okay, not exactly as pretentious as it sounds, but try to think of your living area as a carefully curated exhibition. Leave space between objects and pick them with an overarching vision in mind. Unlike in the kitchen, avoid monochromatic solutions. Your living room is your home's calling card and should reflect your various qualities, interests, and passions. Hang your favourite landscape pictures on one wall, arrange your media appliances of choice in front of a comfy couch, and put a musical instrument in the corner. Let your character show here!

Tim Aldiss writes for Scarlett Willow, the home of personalised placemats.

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