Adam Levine is Actually Investing Time Into Fashion Line

Andrew H Walker/Wire Image

I was actually pretty surprised when I read just how dedicated Adam Levine seems to be toward his upcoming fashion collection to be released through K-Mart. I half expected him to leave most of it up to contracted designers and he just approve or deny selections.

As lead singer of Maroon 5 and an international heartthrob, Adam Levine spends a lot of time shirtless. It's part of the job. That's why we found it slightly ironic when we heard he was coming out with an exclusive clothing line for Kmart and Shop Your Way. But the more we hear about the project, the more interesting it gets.

Levine has actually been pretty hands-on in the process. And when it comes to his inspiration, he's going halfsies between a giant mood board of rugged Old-Hollywood actors, as well as photos and tips from fans themselves! Read More

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